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In recent years there has been a resurgence in Funny Cars with classic body styles replicating the golden age of drag racing and the performance of these cars has complimented their appearance perfectly.

  Nostalgia Funny Car

Long smoky burnouts, dry hops up to the start line followed by wild ¼ mile runs with times deep into the 6 second zone with the emphasis on putting on a show for the crowd. The time has come to establish a championship class for these nitro burning machines giving these Nostalgia enthusiasts somewhere to race in anger.

Nostalgia Funny Car Rules
Nostalgia Funny Car Supplimentry Rules & Regs

2017 Championship Rounds

  • Festival of Power 14-16 April 2017
  • Summer Nationals 24/25 June 2017
  • European Finals 7-10 September 2017
  • National Finals 23/24 September 2017

2017 Points

Summer Nationals

Driver Qualifying First Round Loser Staging in Qualifying Total
Tim Garlick 8 20 10 38
Tony Betts 7 20 10 37
Rob Elsom 0 0 0 0

Racer Profiles

Tim Garlick  
Tim Garlick  

Tim Garlick
Pontiac Firebird
Engine Size: 426ci
PB: 5.96 @ 220mph

Tim Garlick and the Apache Firebird debuted at Dragstalgia 2013 and were instantly shot for the cover of Custom Car over the same weekend. Since then, the team have been testing, testing and more testing and as a result have already been into the low 6 second zone.


Tony Betts  
Tony Betts  

Tony Betts
Chevrolet Camaro

Tony already has nitro in his blood from his days in the Venom fuel altered and is looking forward to a 2017 debut in the funny car. Tony has some experience in a funny car after running at the California Hot Rod Reunion in 2015 so we can’t wait to see Tony back in a car on home soil.


Rob Elsom  
Rob Elsom  

Rob Elsom
Dirty Deeds
1978 Trans Am

Rob Elsom has planned to take a pretty major step up from Super Mod/Comp Eliminator with his Cutlass and the build on his Firebird is well under way. The body is complete and painted and it looks fantastic!


Bob Glassup  
Bob Glassup   Bob Glassup
Xtreme Racing Team
Ford Capri
PB: 7.44 @ 165mph

Bob previously raced with the NFAA so will be bringing an awful lot of experience to the party. The car, destined for the Nostalgia Funny Car Series, is the result of a life long love affair for Bob and the Ford Capri and we can’t wait to see it complete and on track

Wendy Baker  
Wendy Baker   Wendy Baker
Ford Mustang
Engine Size: 500ci
PB: 6.73 @ 215mph

Wendy Baker and the Timewarp team have been stalwarts of Nostalgia Funny Car in Europe since 2008 when they debuted the car. For many years they have been running alone making exhibition passes at any event possible but finally their patience has paid off and they’re able to run competitively in the forthcoming Nostalgia Funny Car Series. 2014 saw a new manifold, bigger fuel pump and new rocker gear.

Doc Stinger  
Doc Stinger   Doc Stinger
The Stinger II
Dodge Challenger
Engine Size:
PB: 8.2

Another team that made their debut at Dragstalgia 2013 is Doc Stinger and the Mopar Garage Team.  Although they have been running on methanol for the past couple of years, that engine has now expired so the plan is to put a Nitro motor in the car.


Andy Raw  
Andy Raw  

Andy Raw
VW Beetle

Andy Raw originated from the VWDRC with his classic No Remorse Subaru powered bug but moved onto bigger things in the form of the TSR Beetle
funny car. Andy is currently mid way through a new build in preparation for the 2016 class and we can’t wait to see what we believe will be the only nitro
powered bug in the world!?


Jon Best  
Jon Best  

Jon Best
Lotsabeera & Best

Jon Best is known for his previous fame in the NFAA with the green Felstead, Best and Lotsabeera altered which ran in the six second zone on a few occasions back in 2009 and 2010. The car can now be seen running in the Supercharged Outlaws with John Reeve behind the wheel. After quite a break Jon has now turned his attention to the Nostalgia Funny Car series and is progressing the build with the aim to debut later in the 2016 season.

simon hayward  

Simon Hayward
Plymouth Duster

Back in 1973 Santa Pod bought the Paula Murphy Plymouth Duster funny car. This was soon to be renamed Houndog 7 under the Nobby Hills banner and driven successfully by the legendary Owen Hayward. This new team under owner/driver Simon Hayward (Owen’s son) are building an all new “duster” funny car to re-create the look feel and excitement of this historic race car.

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