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Easter Thunderball 2005 Report

Saturday 26th - Monday 28th March

The Easter Thunderball 2005 was a massive success, and changeable weather conditions did little to interrupt the action both on and off-track. Easter at Santa Pod is traditionally a time where new machines are rolled off the trailers, and new tune-ups are tested. Sure enough, Easter 2005 didn't disappoint, with stunning personal best performances, and even a world record!

Top Fuel Shoot Out

John Webster took his Webster Race Engineering Top Fuel dragster into the 4's, Martin Hill shocked the world with his 336mph top speed in his Jet Funny Car, and Andy Carter worked hard in the pro-fuel shootout for the second year running, but this year lost out by just inches to a charging Thomas Nataas. There was tonnes of action in the national championships too, with some beautiful new machines and some great driving.

Finals Results:

Top Fuel Final

Pro Fuel Shootout: Thomas Nataas 5.054/283.14 def. Andy Carter 5.047/274.62
Top Methanol: Dave Wilson 5.500/248.48 def. Rob Turner 5.541/251.43
Pro Modified: Roger Johansson 6.533/193.96 def. Danny Cockerill 19.589/37.79
Super Modified: Kev Perkins 7.776/177.10 def. Andy Kirk 8.289/162.40
Street Eliminator: Colin Lazenby 8.425/173.67 def. John Sleath 8.535/176.41
Super Pro ET: Ian Tubb (7.53) 7.591/175.12 def. Pat Talbot (7.97) 8.028/162.68 red
Pro ET: John Atkinson (9.22) 9.294/132.38 def. John Morris (10.75) 10.923/119.96
Sportsman ET: Martin Lewis (15.80) 16.379/81.53 def. Rick Denny (13.43) 13.358/99.11 red
Super Comp: Brian Pateman 8.960/152.65 def. Martin Curbishley 8.954/151.10 red
Super Gas: Spencer Tramm 9.947/118.79 def. Conrad Stanley 9.891/128.66 b/out
Super Street: John Grant 11.092/114.11 def. Dave Cherrett 11.240/111.32
Junior Dragster: Ross Norris (8.74) 8.825/74.24 def. Collin Morrice (9.33) 9.327/69.56 b/out
VW Pro: Jonathan Grigg (12.70) 12.841/104.88 def. Neil Davies (12.40) 12.093/109.77 red
VW Sportsman: Chris Bray (16.10) 16.181/83.31 def. Paul Herbert (13.31) 15.280/83.76 b/out
VW Alt Engine: Matt Attwood (13.65) 13.840/97.19 def. Spencer Tramm (9.90) 10.054/113.14 ©
Top Fuel Bike: Ian King 6.482/209.29 bye, Steve Woollatt no show
Pro Stock Bike: Dave Beck 7.380/167.90 def. Richard Gipp 7.820/166.66
Funny Bike: Chris Hall 7.194/179.46 def. Neil Midgley no time (broke on run)
Comp Bike: Gary Jones 8.232/168.54 def. TJ O'Brien 8.905/105.87
Super Street Bike: Steve Venables 7.742/193.16 def. Jamie Sneddon 8.617/141.94
9.50 Bike: Steve Coombs 9.679/138.36 def. Paul Coombs 9.638/136.41

Check out Eurodragster's excellent coverage for a full run down on the national racing championships:

Rocket Bike

Alongside the serious racing were exhibition vehicles galore, including Eric Teboul on his rocket bike, who ran several heat-stopping mid 5-second passes, Michael Kooy on his jet quad, Ronnie and Gary Picardo with their full stable of vehicles and "Lupo" with his wheelie-popping Beetle.


Off track, Monster Trucks were doing what they do best- crushing cars and churning up the mud. the deafening roar from their methanol engines filling the air with a glorious racket. Running alongside the monster trucks were Freestyle Motocross shows from the UKFMX team, featuring some of Europe 's most talented riders.

Monster Trucks

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