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Dragstalgia Entry Lists

134 Entries (Click on photos to enlarge)

This is a very early entry list and is provisional, it does not show all drivers that will be attending and no individual racer's attendance is guaranteed. Please could all drivers planning to race at Dragstalgia let Santa Pod Raceway know by emailing or call James on 01234 782828.

Championship Classes

Race No Competitor Home Town Vehicle Vehicle Name Engine CP VP Co
Nostalgia Fuel Altered Association (5)
Joe Bond Gloustershire Fiat Topolino Nuthin' Fancy 496ci Joe Bond
1 Terri-Anne White Leamington Spa Fuel Altered T 417ci Terri-Anne White
4 Team Chaos North Newington Fiat Topolino Chaos 417ci Team Chaos
6 Dave Grabham Somerset Fiat Topolino Freddy's Revenge 511ci Dave Grabham
1934 Adam Gleadow Newport Ford 23 Model T Motor Psycho 511ci Adam Gleadow
Supercharged Outlaws (8)
Brian Gandy Halesowen Altered Skullduggery Brian Gandy
Paul Watts Ryde Isle of White Chevrolet No Easy Pick Up 565ci Paul Watts
Steve Goode Ettington Trans Am Firebird Ghost Train Steve Goode
Ian Kerr Billingham 41 Willys Pick Up Ian Kerr
Simon Cooper Sussex Nova Simon Cooper
John Reeve Topolino Altered El Bandido John Reeve
Andy Hadfield Hollingworth Ford T Bucket Twister / The Oddlot 400ci Andy Hadfield
Richard Davis 41 Willys 350ci Richard Davis
Wild Bunch (20)
1 Adam Price Little Dunmow Fiat Topolino Go Hard or Go Home!!! 360ci Adam Price
3 Dave Williams Ebbw Vale 23T Altered Chariots of Fire VI 383ci Dave Williams
7 Roy Wilding Oldbury Slingshot Dragster Hemi Hunter Roy Wilding
8 Mark Coulsell Stafordshire Slingshot Dragster BallBreaker 383ci Mark Coulsell
9 Sarah Howells Bristol Slingshot Dragster Ramraider 355ci Sarah Howells
19 Wayne Colliver Swanley Slingshot Spud 1600cc Wayne Colliver
35 Dick Sharp Bridport Austin A35 Dorset Horn 434ci Dick Sharp
40 Darren Law Essex Dragster Wicked Lady 355ci Darren Law
41 Team Larman Oxford 23 Ford T The Ferret 355ci Team Larman
54 Phil Sweeney Herts 23T Altered Bone Idle 468ci Phil Sweeney
65 Ian Turburville Nottingham Slingshot Dragster Mr Spokehead II 555ci Ian Turburville
67 Darryl Howells Derbyshire Slingshot Dragster Chemical Reaction 355ci Darryl Howells
68 Mick Gleadow St. Ives, Cambs Slingshot Jurassic Parts 359 c. Mick Gleadow
69 Alan Loten Amersham Altered Dragster Paranoia 3800cc Alan Loten
73 Mike Couch Slingshot Flat Frenzy 265cui Mike Couch
74 Simon Williams Thatcham Slingshot Pure Nostalgia 355ci Simon Williams
76 Steve Field Marlborough Slingshot Dragster The Black Pig Too Steve Field
78 Keith Crampton Stevenage Slingshot Dragster Soul Town Shaker 364ci Keith Crampton
91 Bob Hawkins Denham Slingshot Dragster Time Traveller 383ci Bob Hawkins
194 Dave Gibbons Altered Rough Diamond 468ci Dave Gibbons
Outlaw Anglia (14)
1 Cliff Griffin Leamington Spa Ford Pop 527ci Cliff Griffin
3 Colin Millar Fife Ford Pop The Flyin Fyfer 540ci Colin Millar
5 Rob Stone Telford Ford Pop 440ci Rob Stone
19 Paul Hensher Holsworthy Ford Anglia Gas Attack 605ci Paul Hensher
76 Richard Hooper Essex 509ci Richard Hooper
82 Richard Colby Sandy Ford Pop 400ci Richard Colby
86 Barry Woodford Cradley Heath Ford Pop Woodford Pop Drag Racing 383ci Barry Woodford
Daniel Grant Ford Pop Daniel Grant
92 Gary Bird Coventry Ford Pop 5800cc Gary Bird
298 Steve Wells Northaw Ford Pop Pick-up Team Orange 4800cc Steve Wells
344 Jedd Guy Essex Ford Pop Shorty?s Hot Rod 496ci Jedd Guy
Paul Wright Ruislip Ford Anglia Alco Pop 555ci Paul Wright
Spencer Tidswell Yorkshire Problem Child Spencer Tidswell
Al O'Connor Bozeat Ford Anglia Al's Gasser 362ci Al O'Connor
Gasser Circus (11)
1 Lee Jenning/Jerry Pike Bristol Chevrolet II Hard Top Honky Tonkin' II 461ci Lee Jenning/Jerry Pike
7 Nervous Nick Newport Pagnell 1948 Austin Devon Gasser Nogbad the Bad Weezy Nervous Nick
32 Neil Harris Cheltenham 1938 willys coupe Old Harper 327 Ch Neil Harris
47 Sean Milson Lincolnshire Morris Z Van Aint Misbehaving Sean Milson
52 Mick Allen Market Harborough 1952 Henry J Horrid Henry Mick Allen
55 Ray Turner 1955 Chevy Green Onions Ray Turner
66 Tim Holmes Sheffield 1966 Dodge D100 Pick Up Power Wagon 440ci Tim Holmes
69 Louise Noble Plymouth 1957 Chevy Handyman Lou's Canon Louise Noble
77 Martyn Hallam Plymouth 33 Willys Whiplash Martyn Hallam
210 John Gibson 55 Chevy Gasser Crowd Pleaser John Gibson
Nic Williams Flore Ford Falcon Williams Bros Racing Nic Williams
Outlaw Street (28)
2 Ian "Monkeyboy" Mather Mk1 Ford Escort 383ci Ian
7 Andrew Murton 68 Camaro Nevermind 540cu Andrew Murton
8 Mark Holmes Mk1 Ford Escort Nightmare Racing 383ci Mark Holmes
11 Joe Mills London 1979 Ford Mustang Joe Mills
13 Stuart Ramsey 67 Camaro Therapy 502ci Stuart Ramsey
15 David Taylor Hertford 2006 Mustang hertford mustang David Taylor
16 John Edwards Mustang John Edwards
18 Vic "Batman" Fisher Evesham 2007 Ford Mustang V6 Coupe Warhorse 245ci Vic
19 Stephen Moisey Brentwood Ford Mustang Raspberry Whipple 4600cc Stephen Moisey
21 Rob Slater Stoke-On-Trent 57 Chevy Belair 540ci Rob Slater
22 George Gbebikan Ford Zephyr George Gbebikan
23 Simon Paul Surrey 1993 Toyota Supra Turbo 2997cc Simon Paul
24 Ross Page Golf Ross Page
25 Dave Clark Upwell 89 Mustang 302ci Dave Clark
27 Trudy Slater Stoke-On-Trent Morris Minor 4x4 Trudy Slater
31 Nick Rose Midlands Mustang Nick Rose
35 Tom Semper Tom Semper
40 Steve Newport-Hall 66 Cobra Steve Newport-Hall
42 Nigel Jenkins Birmingham 1995 Mustang 302ci Nigel Jenkins
43 Dez Brown Dez Brown
44 Lee Rookes VW Caddy Lee Rookes
45 Kevin Shepperson RS2000 Escort Kevin Shepperson
50 Roy Collins Bucks 72 Camaro 540cu Roy Collins
53 Chris "Maddog" Antell Bracknell VW Camper 2276cc Chris
Tim Rose Capri Tim Rose
Darren Scannel Ford Escort Darren Scannel
Jeff Thurston Ford Mustang Jeff Thurston
Mark Bracking Wisbech Ford Anglia East Coast Racing 355ci Mark Bracking
Super Stock (6)
11 Pete Walton Pete Walton
12 Jim Chandler 1965 Dodge Coronet 500 543ci Jim Chandler
13 Nick Wood ?70 Roadrunner Nick Wood
14 Michael Deakin Nottingham Dodge Dart Michael Deakin
15 Rob Tyrrell Shelford, Cambridgeshire Dodge Coronet 500 440ci Rob Tyrrell
16 Dan Williams Flore Chevrolet Nova Williams Bros Racing 396ci Dan Williams

Historic Vehicles (8)

Competitor Home Town Vehicle Vehicle Name Engine CP VP Co
Robin Read Nitro Robin Read
Norm Wheeldon / Herb Andrews Double Engined Slingshot Two Much 11602c Norm Wheeldon / Herb Andrews
Ramon van der Weurf Netherlands 71 Charger Wild'r at Heart Ramon van der Weurf
Wendy Baker Mustang Time Warp Wendy Baker
Clive Mechaell Fuel Altered California Kid Nitro Clive Mechaell
John Hobbs Newcastle 1975 Fuel Bike 1700cc John Hobbs
John Hobbs Newcastle 1968 Fuel Bike 498cc John Hobbs
Alan Lloyd Gonzo The Great Alan Lloyd

Run What Ya Brung (33)

Competitor Home Town Vehicle Vehicle Name Engine CP VP Co
Steve Carey Bexhill-on-Sea PBR Puma Purple Princess 2 1326cc Steve Carey
Chris Skinner Fiat 126 Taz Racing Chris Skinner
Kim Bishop Rushden Willys Coupe Colour Code Grey 514ci Kim Bishop
Martin Green Plymouth Duster Martin Green
Team Engine Data Analysis Nova Team Engine Data Analysis
John Everitt Welwyn Garden City Model T Altered Alien 632ci John Everitt
Darren Peart Cortina Darren Peart
Bernard Newbury Leigh-on-Sea VW Beetle Stitch Up 174ci Bernard Newbury
Gawain Simons Olney Pontiac Firebird Boozy Suzie 433ci Gawain Simons
Chris Bishop Rushden Willys Bishop & Shaw 408ci Chris Bishop
John Dewey 57 Chevy John Dewey
Ashley Troop Nova Ashley Troop
Ray Irish Austin Ray Irish
Tony Harter Bel Air Tony Harter
John Morris Northants Ford Mustang Animal Magic Racing 5700cc John Morris
Ian Brown Thatcham Chevrolet Camaro Team Thatadoo Racing 355ci Ian Brown
Jon Doubleday Essex Fraud Cortina Super-Saloon Jon Doubleday
Phil Toppin Feltham Model T Altered T Four One 550ci Phil Toppin
Stuart Flitton 1946 Fordson Miss Calculation 454ci Stuart Flitton
Martin Anderson Ford Fairline Martin Anderson
Amanda Cox Godalming Chevrolet Nova Yenkonova 540ci Amanda Cox
Peter Huckle 1936 morris 14 Peter Huckle
Gary Clarke Kawasaki 750 H2 Gary Clarke
Mark "nipper" Stevens Kawasaki 750 H2 Mark
Perry Stephenson MG BGT V8 Perry Stephenson
Andy Park 33 Ford Model Y Andy Park
Robert Hood Robert Hood
Danny Pike Beetle Danny Pike
Ashley Bell Guyhirn AC Cobra 565ci Ashley Bell
Dave Cherrett Worcester Ford Model A Van Dark Revenger 493ci Dave Cherrett
David Murdoch Larkhill Willys Coupe Team Willys 509ci David Murdoch
Mark Todd Altrincham Pontiac GTO Mark Todd
Matthew Wright Rolls Royce Matthew Wright


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