Santa Pod Raceway
Drag Racing
Fri 10th to Sun 12th July 2015

Dragstalgia Entry Lists

280 Entries (Click on photos to enlarge)

This entry list is provisional, it does not show all drivers that will be attending and no individual racer's attendance is guaranteed. Please could all drivers planning to race at Dragstalgia let Santa Pod Raceway know by emailing or call James on 01234 782828.

Championship Classes

No Competitor Home Town Vehicle Car Name Engine D V C
Nostalgia Cannonball (5)
Ramon van der Weurf Netherlands 71 Charger Wild'r at Heart 526ci Ramon van der Weurf
Tim Garlick South Minster Pontiac Firebird Apache 426ci Tim Garlick
Jake Clayton Fiat Topolino Chaos 417ci Jake Clayton
Bob Glassup Capri Bob Glassup
Dave Grabham Somerset Fiat Topolino Freddy's Revenge 511ci Dave Grabham
Wild Bunch (38)
2 Bob Hawkins Denham Slingshot Dragster Time Traveller II 434ci Bob Hawkins
3 Andrew Murphy Rochdale Topolino Altered B Sting 362ci Andrew Murphy
4 Keith Crampton Great Ashby Slingshot Dragster Soul Town Shaker 364ci Keith Crampton
8 Mark Coulsell Hockley Slingshot Dragster BallBreaker 383ci Mark Coulsell
17 Gina Rumble Theale Austin Ruby Slingshot Coupe Tiki Munki 2000cc Gina Rumble
19 Wayne Colliver Swanley Slingshot Spud 305ci Wayne Colliver
20 Rob/Pete Brown Tamworth Slingshot Wrathchild 305ci Rob/Pete Brown
22 Bradley Cooper Cannock Slingshot Back From The Past Bradley Cooper
25 Terry Clifford Southampton Slingshot Dragster Ratcatcher Resurrection 390ci Terry Clifford
30 Mick Hillier Thatcham Fiat Topolino Texas Ranger Mick Hillier
35 Dick Sharp Bridport Austin A35 Dorset Horn 434ci Dick Sharp
39 Jason Cull Hampshire Slingshot Perfect Pete Jason Cull
41 Tom Larman Oxford 23 Ford T The Ferret 355ci Tom Larman
45 Philip James Chalfont St Peters Monza Funny Car Rampage 492ci Philip James
56 Maurice Takoor Surrey Slingshot Dragster Spirit Maurice Takoor
62 Kev Preston Kent Altered Valkyrie 427cu Kev Preston
64 Russell Heaven Bromley Slingshot Dragster Tight Fit 441ci Russell Heaven
67 Darryl Howells Moira Slingshot Dragster Chemical Reaction 355ci Darryl Howells
69 Alan Loten Amersham Altered Dragster Paranoia 3800cc Alan Loten
72 Sag Southworth Bolton Dragster Daddy Cool 244cu Sag Southworth
73 Mike Couch Plymouth Slingshot Chequered Past 283cu Mike Couch
77 Andy Stones Sutton Coldfield Slingshot Andy Stones
76 Steve Field Marlborough Slingshot Dragster The Black Pig Too 385ci Steve Field
83 Graham Rawlings Slingshot Graham Rawlings
86 James Tanner Rushden Slingshot Shindigger James Tanner
96 Dave Nelson Nuneaton Slingshot Dragster Dorris Dormouse 552ci Dave Nelson
101 Steve East Surrey Slingshot Dragster Ellie is in trouble now Steve East
111 Dan Sharp Bridport Altered Little Big Horn 454ci Dan Sharp
112 Matt Fuller Hungerford Funny Car Oblivion Matt Fuller
132 Danny Jones Manchester Altered Ragin Cajun 302ci Danny Jones
154 Roy Wilding/Lesley Prior Oldbury Dragster S & K Racing 504ci Roy Wilding/Lesley Prior
162 Marius Blackburn Norfolk 1923 Ford T Escape From Reality 468ci Marius Blackburn
271 Stephanie Milam Crowborough Altered She Devil Racing Stephanie Milam
316 James Auld Northants Dragster Threesixteen James Auld
496 Sam Freeman Hemel Hempstead T Altered Double Density 511ci Sam Freeman
626 Liz Malcolm Hemel Hempstead R/E Dragster Jus' 4 Fun 122ci Liz Malcolm
Rainer Ziegler Laichingen Slingshot Dragster The Dude 327ci Rainer Ziegler
Christian Frei Switzerland Slingshot Linac #2 500ci Christian Frei
Outlaw Anglia (18)
1 Cliff Griffin Leamington Spa Ford Pop 527ci Cliff Griffin
2 Colin Millar Kinross Ford Pop The Flyin Fyfer 560ci Colin Millar
23 Al O'Connor Bozeat Ford Anglia Al's Gasser 362ci Al O'Connor
52 Mat Cooper Coventry Ford Pop Cooper Bros Racing 5700cc Mat Cooper
70 Mark Bracking Newton Ford Anglia East Coast Racing 355ci Mark Bracking
Richard Hooper Essex 509ci Richard Hooper
81 Simon Barlow Alvaston Ford Pop Orange Pop Drag Racing 434ci Simon Barlow
Barnaby Levy Ireland Ford Anglia The Barn Stormer 468ci Barnaby Levy
84 Dave Sidaway Halesowen Ford Fordson 1948 Time Bomb 540ci Dave Sidaway
92 Gary Bird Coventry Ford Pop 5800cc Gary Bird
99 Phil Middleton Wellingborough Ford Pop Van Phil Middleton
298 Steve Wells Northaw Ford Pop Pick-up Team Orange 4800cc Steve Wells
Lee Taylor Hillingdon Ford Pop Orange Agent 383ci Lee Taylor
Ben Rushforth Gomersal Ford Pop Short Trip 460ci Ben Rushforth
344 Jedd Guy Wickford Ford Pop Shorty's Hot Rod 496ci Jedd Guy
Brian (Brin) Nixon 53 Ford Prefect 454ci Brian (Brin) Nixon
94 Col Law Col Law
Barry Woodford Cradley Heath Ford Pop Woodford Pop Drag Racing 383ci Barry Woodford
Supercharged Oulaws (17)
Lee Gallimore Kidderminster Altered Red Mist 350ci Lee Gallimore
57 Paul Watts Ryde Isle of White 57 Chevy 565ci Paul Watts
Steve Goode Ettington Trans Am Firebird Ghost Train Steve Goode
Ian Kerr Billingham Pontiac Firebird Ian Kerr
Simon Cooper Sussex Nova Simon Cooper
Duncan Scott Aberlour 100E Duncan Scott
Bernard Saz France Citroen Traction 632ci Bernard Saz
Neil Townson Merseyside Altered Northern Spirit Neil Townson
Kirsten Van Croonenborgh Holland 1970 Plymouth Cuda Kirsten Van Croonenborgh
John Reeve Topolino Altered El Bandido John Reeve
Andy Hadfield Hollingworth Ford T Bucket Twister / The Oddlot 400ci Andy Hadfield
Rosiello Vincent France 57 Chevy Bel Air Rital Express 509ci Rosiello Vincent
Deborah Laugher Wollaston 63 Corvette Miss-Guided 572ci Deborah Laugher
Joe Bond Cheltenham Slingshot 496ci Joe Bond
69 Karl-Heinz Kleider Germany Funny Car 69 Time Racing Karl-Heinz Kleider
Pel Norman Wakefield Capri Cologne The Shogun 509ci Pel Norman
Dave Mckenzie Grimsby Dodge Daytona Funny Car Team Thing 350ci Dave Mckenzie
Gasser Circus (15)
Lee Pike/Jerry Denning Bristol Chevrolet II Hard Top Honky Tonkin' II 461ci Lee Pike/Jerry Denning
Nervous Nick Newport Pagnell 1948 Austin Devon Gasser Nogbad the Bad Weezy Nervous Nick
Neil Harris Cheltenham 1938 willys coupe Old Harper 327 Ch Neil Harris
Sean Milson Lincolnshire Morris Z Van Aint Misbehaving Sean Milson
Ray Turner Oxfordshire 1955 Chevy Green Onions Ray Turner
Chris Hill Cornwall 56 Chevy Gas Guzzler 350ci Chris Hill
Tim Holmes Sheffield 1966 Dodge D100 Pick Up Power Wagon 440ci Tim Holmes
Martyn Hallam Plymouth 33 Willys Whiplash Martyn Hallam
Brian Gibson 1964 Dodge Dart Identity Crisis Brian Gibson
Steve Dixon Lincolnshire Ford Falcon High Roller Steve Dixon
Ted Booth Gloucestershire Ford Pop Mighty Mouse Ted Booth
Merv Barnett Bristol Merv Barnett
Nick Barnett Bristol Willys Barnett & Welch Nick Barnett
Laurent Levi Nice,France Mercury Comet 1964 Laurent Levi
Kevin Strevett Sussex 41 Ford Goldrush Kevin Strevett
Willys Wars (24)
2 Richard Warburton Stonehouse 41 Coupe Richard Warburton
3 Pike Murray Bedford 41 Coupe Rack n' Ruin 440ci Pike Murray
4 Joanne Wittich Bedford 41 Coupe Wicked Witch 350ci Joanne Wittich
5 Damien Bacon Bootle 41 Pickup Damien Bacon
7 Philip Moules Hassocks 41 Coupe Philip Moules
8 Richard Davis Himley 41 Coupe 350ci Richard Davis
9 John Dalrymple Yiewsley 33 Willys Full Tilt 408ci John Dalrymple
10 Bobby Wallace Bedford 41 Coupe 737ci Bobby Wallace
11 Simon Smith Norwich 41 Coupe Team Ralfs Speedshop 493ci Simon Smith
12 Gerry Treit Fife 40 Coupe Tartan Drag'in 605ci Gerry Treit
14 Dave Wheatley Essex 41 Coupe Dave Wheatley
17 Penny Daycock West Glamorgan Penny Daycock
18 Jon Giles Frimley Green 1941 Willy's Coupe Roar Willy's 555ci Jon Giles
19 Martin Eley Essex 41 Coupe Detroit Hauler Martin Eley
21 Mike Bray Essex 41 Coupe Mike Bray
22 Dave Fulton Tadley 41 Pickup El Nino Dave Fulton
29 John Gumble Waltham Cross John Gumble
31 Chris Cockburn Broxburn Chris Cockburn
32 Spencer Tidswell Yorkshire Willys Spencer Tidswell
33 David Murdoch Larkhill Willys Coupe Team Willys 509ci David Murdoch
34 Alan Mearns Aberdeen 41 Pickup Alan Mearns
37 Nick Barnett Bristol Willys Barnett & Welch Nick Barnett
Paul Kennedy Merseryside Willys Paul Kennedy
Mike Taylor Bristol Mike Taylor
Outlaw Flat Four (15)
James Wotton Sidcup VW Beetle Vee-Dub Performance 2165cc James Wotton
Lee Crofts Beetle Lee Crofts
Ian Shorrock Darwen VW Beetle Ian Shorrock
Lucas Daglish Princes Risborough VW Beetle 2332cc Lucas Daglish
Darren Shephard Kent VW Beetle Social Outcast 1914cc Darren Shephard
Udo Becker Germany VW Beetle Udo Becker
Bernard Newbury Leigh-on-Sea VW Beetle Stitch Up 174ci Bernard Newbury
Jonathan Grigg Oxon VW Beetle No Compromise Jonathan Grigg
Phil West Essex VW Beetle Nautral High Phil West
Ian Clark Spilsby Fiat Ian Clark
David Nicholls Middlesex Fiat 600 David Nicholls
Lee Maynard Surrey Renault Dauphine Lee Maynard
Greg Bishop Essex VW Beetle Triple 6 Greg Bishop
Peter Shattock Hampshire VW Beetle 1795cc Peter Shattock
Raphael Caruso Nice,France VW Beetle 1962 Strudel Raphael Caruso
Outlaw Street (17)
Mark Holmes Southend-on-Sea Ford Model A Nightmare Racing Mark Holmes
Trudy Slater Stoke-On-Trent Morris Minor 4x4 Trudy Slater
Gary Semper Wisbech Pontiac Firebird Gary Semper
Tom Semper Wisbech 100e Tom Semper
44 Linden Shepperson Spalding Ford Escort Linden Shepperson
43 Dez Brown Bicester 1957 MG Magnet Dez Brown
Steve Newport-Hall 66 Cobra Scope Ventilation Steve Newport-Hall
45 Kevin Shepperson Spalding RS2000 Escort Kevin Shepperson
56 Doug Harwood Bucks Pontiac Firebird Doug Harwood
Eric Humphrey Worthing 1969 Firebird 406ci Eric Humphrey
Clive Bush Nottingham Lotus 7 Clive Bush
Clive Dandridge Chinnor Ford Pop Clive Dandridge
Stephen Moule London Chevelle Stephen Moule
Andy Blackett Hertfordshire Camaro Andy Blackett
Roy Collins Aylesbury Camaro Roy Collins
Kline Wicks Tamworth Capri Kline Wicks
Carl Porter-Smith Kettering Ford Anglia 105E Carl Porter-Smith
Super Stock (26)
Mike Lacey Bicester Chevrolet Camaro Metamorphosis 555ci Mike Lacey
Simon Parker 67 Camaro Nightmare Simon Parker
Jim Chandler Surrey 1965 Dodge Coronet 500 543ci Jim Chandler
David Napier Darlington Dodge Challenger Bad Habit 655ci David Napier
Harrison Brown Thatcham Chevrolet Camaro Team Thatadoo Racing 355ci Harrison Brown
Michael Deakin Nottingham Dodge Dart Michael Deakin
Rob Tyrrell Shelford Dodge Coronet 500 440ci Rob Tyrrell
Derek Sanderson Powys 71 Chevrolet Nova Team Bonkers 421ci Derek Sanderson
Simon Rickwood Surrey Nova BossaNova Simon Rickwood
Nic Williams Flore Chevrolet Camaro Williams Bros Racing 555ci Nic Williams
Keith Williams Flore Chevelle ss Williams Bros Racing 396ci Keith Williams
Tony Harter Essex Ford Mustang Tony Harter
Kiwi Swindon 71 Plymouth Duster Kiwi
Dave Billadeau Doncaster Coronet Dave Billadeau
Mojo Bedford Plymouth Satelitte Mojo
Richard Granger Dewsbury Plymouth Roadrunner Richard Granger
Don Scott West Sussex Superbird Don Scott
Brian Huxley Callow End Ford Falcon Team Dark Horse 520ci Brian Huxley
Mark Fox Banbury 68 Mercury Cougar Freddie Cougar 302ci Mark Fox
Carl Johnson Sheffield Carl Johnson
Stephane Caruso Nice,France Ford Pinto 1971 The Patriot Stephane Caruso
Adam Nowak Doncaster Adam Nowak
Guy King Norfolk Chevelle ss Guy King
Pete Walton West Sussex Pete Walton
Jerry Raymond Surrey 1969 Plymouth Fury 111 440ci Jerry Raymond
Dan Williams Flore 69 Camaro SS 'Bruce' Williams Bros Racing 454ci Dan Williams
NSA (17)
  John Hobbs Newcastle Weslake The Hobbit 1700cc John Hobbs
  Jonny Munn Australia Weslake The Hobbit 1700cc Jonny Munn
  John Hobbs Newcastle Triumph Olympus 500cc John Hobbs
  Martin Wilmott Triumph Capella 500cc Martin Wilmott
  Simon Rees Leighton Buzzard Triumph The Grenade 750cc Simon Rees
  Ray Law Triumph 1000cc Ray Law
  Dave Clee Puma Triumph Shotgun 900cc Dave Clee
  Chris Illman & Colin Jefferies Vincent sidecar 998cc Chris Illman & Colin Jefferies
  Pip Higham Doncaster Orient Express Pip Higham
  Nick Pepper Doncaster Pro stock Nick Pepper
  Graham Martin Vincent Pegasus Reborn 998cc Graham Martin
  Colin Fallows Norton Super Cyclops Colin Fallows
  Jeff Byne Triumph 1500cc Jeff Byne
  Alistair Henry County Tyrone Weslake Balzebob Alistair Henry
  Chris Emmens Triumph 750 Chris Emmens
  Justin Newell Halesown Triumph Hagon Justin Newell
  Jan Honee Holland Jan Honee
Run What Ya Brung (87)
  Russ Carpenter Dragster Glacier Grenade Russ Carpenter
  Wayne Allman Shipston onstour VW Split Screen Mental Breakdown 526ci Wayne Allman
  Clive Mechaell Fuel Altered California Kid Nitro Clive Mechaell
  Ian Turburville Nottingham Slingshot Dragster Beach Bomb 555ci Ian Turburville
  Jon Webster Rushden Slingshot Dragster Jon Webster
  Jim Draper UK Altered 526ci Jim Draper
  Christian Zulauf Switzerland Model A Christian Zulauf
  Tony Betts North Benfleet 34 Tony Betts
  Andrew Gibb Mini Van Strip Teaser Andrew Gibb
  Bryan Whitfield Sheffield 55 Chevy Mr Americar Bryan Whitfield
  Bryan Whitfield Sheffield Ford Consul Henry Hirise Bryan Whitfield
  Micheal Ette Wellingborough Bel Air Micheal Ette
  Jeff Thurston Essex Ford Mustang Jeff Thurston
  Leo Knight Altered Leo Knight
  Jonny Morris Thames Van Jonny Morris
  Phil Jarvis Wolverhampton VW Camper Firebus Phil Jarvis
  Dave King Oxfordshire Altered Rattler 470ci Dave King
  Lee Darby Deal Chevrolet Pick-up DKM Construction 585ci Lee Darby
  Darren Scannel Ford Escort Taz Racing Darren Scannel
  Stuart Flitton Slisoe, Bedford 1946 Fordson Miss Calculation 454ci Stuart Flitton
  Robert Hood Harleston Altered 5 Alive 350 Robert Hood
  Colin McCaskill Stonehaven Camaro Colin McCaskill
  Kaylee Jackson Raunds VW Beetle 1600cc Kaylee Jackson
  Pete Grange St. Leonards on sea 67 Cougar Pete Grange
  Bill Murfin Bristol 105e Bill Murfin
  Jason Dodd Surrey Pontiac Trans am 400ci Jason Dodd
  Paul Dodd Surrey Cutlass Paul Dodd
  Paul Snook Essex Volvo PV544 Paul Snook
  John Roberts Hemel Hempstead John Roberts
  Tony Davidge Dorset GSX1100 Tony Davidge
  Andy Bloomfield Coddenham Ford Pop Andy Bloomfield
  Colin Theobald Towester Camaro Bruce Colin Theobald
  George Ralph Dorset Triumph GT6 George Ralph
  Jason Blott Northants Ford Model B Coupe 496ci Jason Blott
  Jason Blott Northants Ford F1 Pickup 383ci Jason Blott
  Chris Gibson Newcastle Upon Tyne Nova 555ci Chris Gibson
  Brian Savidge Yeovil 32 Roadster Brian Savidge
  Chris Lambourne VW Split Screen Chris Lambourne
  Graham Scrivens Yeovil Blown Pop Graham Scrivens
  Stephen Brindle Northants Altered Stephen Brindle
  Andy Park 33 Ford Model Y Andy Park
  David O'Toole Kilmacolm Vauxhall Ventora David O'Toole
  Michelle Walker Wellingborough Ford Cortina 350ci Michelle Walker
  David Dunmore Kettering Ford Pop David Dunmore
  John Harper Kettering Ford Pop John Harper
  Mark Sheridan Surrey Hemi Cuda Mark Sheridan
  Jim Seward Somerset 55 Chevy Jim Seward
  Lee Denham Kent Capri Lee Denham
  Andy Bond Chippenham Andy Bond
  Dave Shelly Essex 1965 Chevy Mailbu Mr Mouse Dave Shelly
  Stuart Jones Finedon Fiat Topolino Grin 'N' Bear Stuart Jones
  Colin Gill Liverpool Colin Gill
  Roydon Mitchell Royston 1968 Plymouth Barracuda 512ci Roydon Mitchell
  Sandie Gibb Upminster Opel Kadett Lil Ole 38 327ci Sandie Gibb
  Thierry Senges France Mustang 598Ci Thierry Senges
  Dave Arnold Pontiac Firebird Taz Racing Dave Arnold
  Walle Strobel Germany 56 Chevy Walle Strobel
  Paul Dale Hampshire Anglia Paul Dale
  Francis Kelleners Holland Model A Francis Kelleners
  Ischa van der Naald Holland Popular Ischa van der Naald
  Arno van der Naald Holland Falcon Arno van der Naald
  Phil Van Brakell Belgium 68 Chrysler 440 special wagon Phil Van Brakell
  Dennis Henderieckx Belgium 78 Firebird trans am formula 4 Dennis Henderieckx
  Steve Large Kent Mk1 Zodiac Steve Large
  Steve Wright Somerset Volvo p1800 Steve Wright
  Nigel Taylor Hampshire Ford Prefect Detriot Spinner Nigel Taylor
  Gary Parkes Altered Gary Parkes
  Wilf Stacey Canvey Island Ford Zephyr Gone Crazy 351ci Wilf Stacey
  Dave Long St. Albans Dodge Dart Dave Long
  Dave Wiggins St Albans Nova Dave Wiggins
  Chris Skinner Fiat 126 Taz Racing Chris Skinner
  Steve Matthews Essex Zodiac Steve Matthews
  Simon Fulton Hampshire Falcon Simon Fulton
  Andy Lambert Essex 1972 z900 Andy Lambert
  Andy Lambert Essex 1976 z1000 Andy Lambert
  Nick Taylor Iverness-Shire 1958 Harley Sportster Turnip Eater Tribute Nick Taylor
  Nick Pepper Doncaster Pro stock Nick Pepper
  Martyn Baverstock Norfolk Martyn Baverstock
  Trevor Sharpe London VW Split Screen Trevor Sharpe
  Jim Tucker High Wycombe Jim Tucker
  Mark Shaw Llanidloes Mark Shaw
  Mark Bishop Rushden Mark Bishop
  Sean "BIFFO" Biddlecombe Brockenhurst Suzuki GS1000S 1978   THE ICE CREAM VAN 1425cc Sean
  Philip Evans Warwickshire 67 Singer Vogue Super Vogue Philip Evans
  Paul Lisle Whitley Bay 1964 Mecury Comet Paul Lisle
  Joel Kerr Cleveland 62 Dodge Lancer GT Joel Kerr
  Gordon Bates Shotgun Gordon Bates

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