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Dragstalgia 2017
Fri 14th to Sun 16th July 2017

Dragstalgia Entry Lists

87 Entries (Click on photos to enlarge)

This entry list is provisional, it does not show all drivers that will be attending and no individual racer's attendance is guaranteed. Please could all drivers planning to race at Dragstalgia let Santa Pod Raceway know by emailing or call James on 01234 782828.

No Competitor Home Town Vehicle Car Name Engine D V C
Nostalgia Cannonball (1)
Stephanie Milam Crowborough Altered She Devil Racing Stephanie Milam
Slingshot Showdown (2)
Bob Hawkins UK Slingshot Dragster Time Traveller II 434ci Bob Hawkins
Mick Hannah UK Slingshot Dragster Mick Hannah
Wild Bunch (16)
59 Callum Swinchatt UK Fiat Topolino Altered Przym Paintworks 400ci Callum Swinchatt
90 Tom Hawkins UK Slingshot Time Traveller I 383ci Tom Hawkins
Mark Coulsell UK Slingshot Dragster BallBreaker 383ci Mark Coulsell
3 Rob/Pete Brown UK Slingshot Wrathchild 305ci Rob/Pete Brown
Bradley Cooper UK Slingshot Back From The Past Bradley Cooper
Ian Coulsell UK Rear-engine Dragster Adventure Before Dementia 2000cc Ian Coulsell
Allan Lloyd UK Altered Gonzo the Great Allan Lloyd
Didier Canicave France Altered Didier Canicave
Darryl Howells UK Slingshot Dragster Chemical Reaction 355ci Darryl Howells
Sag Southworth UK Dragster Daddy Cool 244cu Sag Southworth
Steve Field UK Slingshot Dragster The Black Pig Too 385ci Steve Field
Andy Stones UK Slingshot Stoned Andy Stones
James Tanner UK Slingshot Shindigger James Tanner
Steve East UK Slingshot Dragster Ellie is in trouble now Steve East
Luca Govoni Italy Slingshot The Earthquake Luca Govoni
Steven Hudson UK Ford 23T Altered In'Trevean'ous 383ci Steven Hudson
Outlaw Anglia (6)
70 Mark Bracking UK Ford Anglia East Coast Racing 355ci Mark Bracking
88 Colin Millar UK Ford Anglia The Flyin Fyfer 564ci Colin Millar
99 Phil Middleton UK Ford Pop Van 584ci Phil Middleton
Garry Hill UK Anglia 350ci Garry Hill
Ted Booth UK Ford Pop Mighty Mouse Ted Booth
Brian Nixon UK Brian Nixon
Supercharged Outlaws (6)
Paul Watts UK 57 Chevy 565ci Paul Watts
Joel Kerr UK Pontiac Starchief Stiff Shifter Racing 555ci Joel Kerr
Kirsten Van Croonenborgh Holland 1970 Plymouth Cuda Kirsten Van Croonenborgh
Ian Merryweather UK Topolino Altered Ian Merryweather
John Reeve UK Topolino Altered El Bandido John Reeve
Henri "Frasse" Lbke Sweden Chevy T-23 Altered Blown Budget 383ci Henri
Gasser Circus (6)
Lee Pike/Jerry Denning UK Chevrolet II Hard Top Honky Tonkin' II 461ci Lee Pike/Jerry Denning
Steve Dixon UK Ford Falcon High Roller Steve Dixon
John Grant/Nick Barnett UK Ford Falcon Barnett & Grant 454ci John Grant/Nick Barnett
Katie Booth UK Ford Pop Mighty Mouse Katie Booth
Laurent Levi France Mercury Comet 1964 Laurent Levi
Kevin Strevett UK 41 Ford Goldrush Kevin Strevett
Willys Wars (17)
Richard Warburton UK 41 Coupe ProZac 302ci Richard Warburton
Damien Bacon UK 41 Pickup Damien Bacon
Philip Moules UK 41 Coupe Philip Moules
Simon Smith UK 41 Coupe Team Ralfs Speedshop 440ci Simon Smith
Gerry Treit UK 40 Coupe Tartan Drag'in 605ci Gerry Treit
Mick Payne UK Willys Mick Payne
Penny Daycock UK Penny Daycock
Jon Giles UK 1941 Willys Coupe Roar Willys 555ci Jon Giles
John Gumble UK John Gumble
Chris Cockburn UK 41 Willys 3500cc Chris Cockburn
Simon Daniels UK 41 Willys 350ci Simon Daniels
Gary Campion UK 41 454ci Gary Campion
Andy Crockett UK 41 Coupe 472 Rat 472ci Andy Crockett
Paul/Vicki Diamond UK 40 Willys Wilma 383ci Paul/Vicki Diamond
Jurjen de Jong Holland Willys Jurjen de Jong
Stuart Flitton UK Willys Miss Calculation 454ci Stuart Flitton
Alan Mearns UK Willys Alan Mearns
Outlaw Flat Four (7)
58 David Nicholls UK VW Beetle 2332cc David Nicholls
60 Danny Pike UK VW Notchback 2332cc Danny Pike
98 Vito Versluys Belgium VW Beetle Geko 1998cc Vito Versluys
100 James Wotton UK VW Beetle Vee-Dub Performance 2529cc James Wotton
456 Clarke Hillyard UK VW Beetle Never Forgotten 2276cc Clarke Hillyard
Darren Shephard UK VW Beetle Social Outcast 2165cc Darren Shephard
Jonathan Grigg UK VW Beetle No Compromise Jonathan Grigg
Nostalgia Super Stock (11)
43 Don Scott UK Plymouth Superbird #43 572ci Don Scott
132 Amy Watkins UK Pontiac Firebird 542ci Amy Watkins
133 Tom Watkins UK Dodge Charger Dorris 572ci Tom Watkins
David Napier UK Dodge Challenger Bad Habit 655ci David Napier
Andy Thetford UK Camaro Insanity Drag Racing 468ci Andy Thetford
528 Guy King UK Chevelle ss 572ci Guy King
Rob Tyrrell UK Dodge Coronet 500 440ci Rob Tyrrell
Mark Fox UK 68 Mercury Cougar Freddie Cougar 302ci Mark Fox
440 John Davison UK Plymouth Road Runner 442ci John Davison
Chris Layram UK 1965 Ford Falcon 5.7 Chris Layram
Bri Wood UK 1969 Dodge Coronet Woodys Wedge 527ci Bri Wood
NSA (10)
  Martin Wilmott UK Triumph Capella 500cc Martin Wilmott
  Simon Rees UK Triumph Danger Mouse 750cc Simon Rees
  Dave Clee UK Puma Triumph Shotgun 900cc Dave Clee
  Pip Higham UK Orient Express Pip Higham
  Alistair Henry UK Weslake Balzebob Alistair Henry
  Chris Emmens UK Triumph 750 Chris Emmens
  Jan Honee UK Jan Honee
  Neil Baskerville UK Triumph - Supercharged 650cc Neil Baskerville
  Bjorn Eriksson Sweden Knucklehead Evil Mother 120ci Bjorn Eriksson
  Kevin Field UK Triumph Icarus 1000ci Kevin Field
Dragstalgia Invitational (1)
  Jonny Morris UK Thames Van Jonny Morris
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