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The VP Racing Fuels National Finals 2011

Sat 24th to Sun 25th September
VP, ACU and  MSA

2011 National Finals Winners

Graham Ellis   Graham Ellis  

MSA Pro Modified:
Winner Graham Ellis
Runner-up Wayne Nicholson

Nigel   Nigel and Andy  

Super Modified:
Winner Nigel Payne
Runner-up Andy Hone

Brian   Brian and Paul  

Super Comp:
Winner Brian Pateman
Runner-up Paul Brown

Stuart   Stuart and Jon  

Super Gas:
Winner Stuart Morrice
Runner-up Jon Turner

John   John and leigh  

Super Street:
Winner John Grant
Runner-up Leigh Morris

Dave   Dave and Vince  

Super Pro ET:
Winner Dave Catton
Runner-up Vince Gibbs

Mike   Mike and Rick  

Pro ET:
Winner Mike Lacey
Runner-up Rick McCann

Jake   Jake and Kev  

Sportsman ET:
Winner Jake Handy
Runner-up Kev Long

Joe   Jo, Josh and Rhiannon  

Junior Dragster:
Winner Joe Kellett
Runner-up Josh Saunders

Ian   Ian and Alex  

Topspeed Automotive Street Eliminator:
Winner Ian Hook
Runner-up Alex McIntosh

Dave   Dave and Bob  

Wild Bunch:
Winner Dave Williams
Runner-up Bob Hawkins

James   James and Lucy  

VW Pro:
James Hodson, Winner
Runner-up Lucy Matthews

Dean   Dean and James  

VW Sportsman:
Winner Dean Clatworthy
Runner-up James London

Ian   Ian and Kev  

Top Fuel Bike:
Winner Ian King
Runner-up Kev Charman

Len   Len and Ray  

Pro Stock Bike:
Winner Len Paget
Runner-up Ray Debben

Dave   Dave and Thomas  

Funny Bike:
Winner Dave Peters
Runner-up Thomas Joswig

Steve   Steve and Graham  

Super Street Bike:
Winner Steve Venables
Runner-up Graham Dance

Harold   Harold and Phil  

Comp Bike:
Winner Harold Wolfenden
Runner-up Phil Leamon

Jemma   Jemma and Sam  

8.50 Bike:
Winner Jemma Venables
Runner-up Sam Sykes

Ian   Richard and Richard  

9.50 Bike:
Winner Richard Beck
Runner-up Richard Sawatzki

Joe   Joe and Dave  

Supertwin Gas:
Winner Joe Elliott
Runner-up Dave Smart

Ian   Simon and Martin  

Supertwin ET:
Winner Simon Clamp
Runner-up Martin Brookes

Scott   Scott and Josh  

Junior Drag Bike:
Winner Scott Collier
Runner-up Josh Webb

Full Race Report: For detailed race coverage please visit our friends at

Photo Entry List   Photo Entry List
View photos of all the racers that have currently entered to compete at the VP Racing Fuels National Finals on the 2011 Photo Entry List page.

For descriptions of the various drag racing classes have a look at the Classes page, in the Drag Racing section of this site. For details of MSA British Drag Racing Championship and the drivers competing, visit

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