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The Summer Nationals 2006 Report / Gallery

25th - 26th June 2005

It was in stark contrast from the previous weekend's hot and sticky race meet as cool weather enveloped the Santa Pod Racers Club Summer Nationals incorporating the fifth round of the National Championships, the cool moist air upped the available horsepower that gave some impressive races en route to the event winners.

In the Super Modified class a change of drivers for the dominant Oldsmobile Cutlass gave Graham Ellis the chance to perform, a feat he did admirably as he ran consistent sevens all the way through, a 7.75/176 first round bye, an easy 7.73/176 as opponent Craig Gibbs broke saw him enter the finals. Andy Kirk meanwhile ran a round one 7.88/169 win over Simon Farmer's 8.32/162 followed with a 7.89/170 bye to face Ellis. Despite a fine holeshot by Kirk, Ellis' machine ran down the 7.88/19 with a best of 7.71/177.

Chris Isaacs in his 475 cubic inch motored Standard Vanguard came from Super Comp pole position running almost perfect numbers all the way to the money run and seeing off some heavy hitters like Phil Bennett and Malcolm Francis along the way. Pete Creswell in his Mustang faired equally well bagging some big names on his way. Creswell gained a slight startline advantage and held on to capture the win with an 8.93/146 over the game 8.91/148.

Coming from fourth qualifier Brian Pateman took his Pontiac Firebird all the way to the Super Gas win over a large field of runners. A round one defeat of Brendan Clancy started his roll, followed by Pete Creswell then Tim Adam to face Wayne Hiscock's big Chevelle for the final. Hiscock scored wins over Mark O'Halloran in one, Spencer Tramm in two, a bye in three then Stuart Peck to get to race Pateman. Wayne Hiscock's luck deserted him as he deep staged and was disqualified leaving his 10.94/102 wasted as Brian Pateman broke out with a 9.85/141 that took the win.

Other winners were: Top Methanol invitational Stephanie Milam 6.48/221 win Lindsay Deuchar 8.97/92 lose. Super Street Brian Huxley 10.87/100 win Bob Lees 10.87/126 lose. Super Pro E.T. Barry Giles 7.61/172 win Steve Johnson 7.32/180 lose. Pro E.T. Rick McCann 10.25/131 win Lee Huxley 10.38/128 lose. Sportsman E.T. Rick Denny 13.11/102 win Tanya Partridge 13.32/100 lose. Street Eliminator Andy Frost 8.42/172 win Colin Lazenby 8.50/165 lose. Junior Dragster Nicholas Mugridge 7.91/83 win Jay Hauser 7.87/75 red light lose. VW Pro Martin Charles 11.97/91 win Jon Grigg 13.02/112 lose. VW Sportsman Paul Herbert 14.81/83 win Abigail Tether 16.24/84 lose. VW Altered Engine Matt Attwood 13.42/98 win Andy Raw 11.69/117 lose. Wild Bunch Tony Smith 11.55/106 win Mike Cresswell 11.78/104 lose.


The Nostalgia Fuel Altereds had another vociferous outing in their first season as a class but once again it all fell victim to many mechanically pernicious moments that dealt out each hard working team before any elimination's were able to take place. By far the most inauspicious first outing came from Dave Grabham in his 331 cubic inch powered Fiat Topolino after a couple of test runs the little car launched hard and went skyward picking all four wheels off the track before returning to earth crushing a front wheel assembly then crossing lanes behind opponent Clayton Round and hitting the guardwall. Grabham emerged unscathed but not as much could be said about his machine that took a terminal hit in the chassis taking with it many more race parts.

Two off the biggest English names in Pro Mod appeared in the Super Pro E.T ranks mainly to test prior to shipping out for the Nitro Festival FIA event at Mantorp Park in Sweden at the end of July. Both Andy Robinson and Gordon Smith went out early in the eliminations but not before both running their personal bests. Robinson's '53 Studebaker laid down a 6.447 at 223.78 mph but Gordon Appleton's Camaro romped to a 6.321/222.91 that turns out to be the second quickest time in Europe - Bring on the Swedes!

Report by Roger Gorringe. © June 2005.

Summer Nationals 2005 Gallery (click images to enlarge)

Summer Nats 05 Summer Nats 05   Summer Nats 05
Summer Nats 05 Summer Nats 05   Summer Nats 05
Summer Nats 05 Summer Nats 05   Summer Nats 05
Summer Nats 05 Summer Nats 05   Summer Nats 05
Summer Nats 05 Summer Nats 05   Summer Nats 05
Summer Nats 05 Summer Nats 05   Summer Nats 05

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