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Autoglym car care products are manufactured in the UK, in Letchworth 'The World’s First Garden City'. From here they are filled, packed and shipped worldwide to car enthusiasts who demand the perfect finish.

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The Autoglym story started over forty years ago and the products and technical expertise have been used to maintain some of the rarest and most desirable vehicles in the world ever since. It’s why the finest marques choose Autoglym products and why we proudly hold two Royal Warrants of Appointment.

It’s not just owners of rare or expensive cars that appreciate the difference our products make. The comprehensive car care range of shampoos, cleaners, polishes and waxes are formulated with ease of use, durability and exceptional finish at their core, so any vehicle owner can achieve glossy wet look paint.

Autoglym have always partnered with racing teams, from grass roots racing to the highest levels of international motorsport. Working with racing teams gives us a fantastic opportunity to get our hands on the materials of tomorrow, as many of today’s common place vehicle parts began life on the track.

Autoglym are delighted to sponsor a lane at the legendary Santa Pod Raceway.

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How to use Autoglym Products:

A few facts about Autoglym:

  • Awarded Price of Wales’ Royal Warrant in September 2002.
  • Awarded Her Majesty the Queens’ Royal Warrant in January 2004.
  • Autoglym Company established in 1965.
  • Autoglym is a totally  British company. R&D,  manufacturing and distribution all from Letchworth Garden City, Herts
  • Retail range of 80 products for cars, bikes, caravans, boats etc.
  • Every McLaren F1 came with a unique leather bound kit of Autoglym products.
  • Thrust 1 was polished with Autoglym prior to taking the World Land Speed record.
  • The name Autoglym was created by the original founder of the business and combines the word Auto with glym, a Hertfordshire colloquialism for Valeting.
  • Autoglym supply the motor trade with a range of over 60 specialised products.
  • Autoglym are major suppliers of cleaning products to bus operators, hauliers and rail operators.
  • A parallel division of Autoglym supplies automatic car wash chemicals to operators throughout Europe.
  • Autoglym exports products to over 50 countries.
  • Autoglym supplies products to most of the leading teams in Formula 1.
  • Autoglym supplies products to leading teams in the BTCC including the cars driven by Tom Chilton and Jason Plato.
  • An Autoglym titled car appears in the latest Need for Speed game from Electronic Arts.
  • Autoglym sponsors Zip Karts the company famous for bringing on young drivers such as David Coulthard, Lewis Hamilton, Anthony Davidson and Gary Paffett.
  • At the 2009 MPH show Autoglym displayed cars from famous celebrities including James May, Richard Hammond, Jay Kay, Paddy Hopkirk and James Martin.
  • The Autoglym factor contains over 7 kilometres of pipework.
  • Sometimes almost 200 variations of a product are tested before the final version is launched.
  • The new holder of the world steam car land speed record is polished with Autoglym.

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