Santa Pod Raceway


Disabled Access
Disabled visitors should be aware that the Santa Pod Raceway venue is located on the site of a former airfield.  Although we endeavour to maintain good conditions underfoot, please be aware that there may be uneven ground and the campsites/general parking areas are grassland at most events. There are some permanent roadways within the site and large areas of hard standing/tarmac where it is possible to visit the race paddock, catering and trade areas. It is a large venue which may involve a modest walk to visit the many and varied attractions and features of the site so please consider this when preparing for your visit. Stewards will be on hand to help as well as the medical team if you need any assistance. Please note that the layouts of events may vary.

Disabled Parking
There is a small dedicated Disabled Car Park on tarmac for suitable weekend ticket holders/campers and an additional car park nearer the race paddock.  These are in operation for most events but may be relocated at certain events depending on the site layout required. Disabled visitors will be informed by our stewards on arrival where to park.

Wheelchair Viewing Areas
A dedicated raised viewing platform is provided for wheelchair users which offers a limited number of seats for accompanying personal assistants and carers. Whilst we will try to accommodate accompanying family and friends, please note that at busy times this platform will be restricted to one personal assistant or carer. This platform is for racetrack viewing only.

Disabled Toilets
A dedicated disabled toilet is located in each of the main toilet blocks (except for the furthest block in the race paddock) . Please note that depending on the size and layout of the event, not all toilet blocks will be open.

Disabled Admission
Santa Pod Raceway currently operates a 2 for 1 admission ticket concession for disabled visitors who require a personal assistant or carer. You will need to provide a copy without exception of your most recent DLA letter for care and/or mobility (higher or middle) or receipt of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) showing your current entitlement.

Claiming your concession ticket 
Buy one ticket in advance at or on arrival at the event. Your concession tickets will be made available upon verification of the correct documentation. (Only full price tickets qualify for this offer).

Please note this policy is in effect for Santa Pod organised events only. Third party events may operate a different policy and therefore you should check specific terms and condition in case they differ.

Guide Dogs
No animals are allowed on site with the exception of officially registered assistance dogs. (Full details here).

For further enquires please telephone 01234 782828 or complete the contact form.


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