Santa Pod Raceway

Adverse Weather Ticket Policy

In case of certain events being severely affected by adverse weather, please retain your ticket as a credit value may be attributed to your ticket. Any value awarded will be at the discretion of the Event Organizer. Where a credit value has been given, the relevant admission/grandstand ticket may then be redeemed for the specified amount for a future Santa Pod organized event valid for 12 months up to and including the relevant event in the following season.

Credit Values:

The percentages quoted below represent the new value of your ticket based on its original face value. E.g if 80% credit value then Standard tickets at £25 are now worth £20 each.

European Finals 2017

Friday Ticket: 70%
Friday Grandstand: 70%
Saturday Ticket: 50%
Saturday Grandstand: 50%
Sunday Ticket: 50%
Sunday Grandstand: 50%
Sat/Sun Ticket: 50%
Fri/Sat/Sun Ticket: 50%
4 Day Ticket: 40%

Bug Jam 31

Saturday Ticket: 25%
Sunday Ticket: 100%

Main Event 2017

Monday Ticket: 50%
Monday Grandstand: 50%
Sun/Mon Ticket: 25%
Sat/Sun/Mon Ticket: 15%
4 Day Ticket: 10%

RWYB Sunday 5th March 2017

Sunday Ticket: 100%


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