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MSA British Drag Racing Championship

In 2007, UK drag racing entered a new era when the Motor Sports Association, the national governing body of four-wheeled motorsport, designated the spectacular Pro Modifieds as the official class of the MSA British Drag Racing Championship.

Competitor numbers in the seasons completed since then have averaged 26 per year, with eight European countries represented on the entry lists.

Despite their official championship status, Pro Mods still possess an outlaw aura, evoking the spirit of drag racing's earliest days, before defined classes had evolved, when you would "run what ya brung" and hope you had "brung" enough.  The class emerged in America in the 1980s as an adventurous reaction to the sport's formalised structure, pairing classic sedan body styles with enormous engines in combinations unfettered by too many rules.

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Today's Pro Mods come in a vivid array of bodyshells, everything from 1938 Ford Coupes to a 21st-century Dodge Viper.  These bodyshells cloak pure-bred racing chassis built around giant V8 engines, some running on petrol and nitrous oxide, others on supercharged or turbocharged methanol, and all packing the punch to blast through the quarter-mile in six seconds at well over 200mph.  They are, without doubt, the most extrovert machines ever to compete for an MSA championship.

The MSA Drag Racing season begins at Easter when the Festival Of Power will host the opening round.  Two subsequent races combine MSA British and FIA European rounds: The Main Event, held over late-May’s Spring Bank Holiday weekend, and early September’s European Finals. The MSA Championship Pro Mods are also the highlight attraction at Santa Pod’s two national events in June and late September.

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