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The Auto Trader Easter Thunderball

Friday 21st - Monday 24th March 2008
Auto Trader

Easter Thunderball

The most action packed motorsport weekend this Easter. Great fun and value for the whole family.

Despite the best efforts of track crew, racing on Saturday & Sunday was called off due to adverse weather conditions. Please therefore keep hold of your admission tickets from the event as a credit value has been attributed to your ticket.

Credit Values
Saturday ticket: £25
Sunday ticket: £25
Saturday & Sunday ticket: £30
Sunday & Monday ticket: £20
All 4 Days ticket: £30
Grandstand Seats: Face Value for Saturday & Sunday

In the event of racing at an event being severely affected by adverse weather please keep hold of your tickets as credit values are awarded on a pro-rata basis against the amount of racing that has been omitted caused by adverse weather, values are at the discretion of the Event Director. Where a credit value has been given, the relevant admission/grandstand ticket may then be redeemed at a future event for this amount or if the ticket is sent to the ticket office, the value can be redeemed against the cost of an advance ticket. The credit value/ticket will be valid for 12 months against future Santa Pod organised events, up to and including the relevant event affected. No monetary refund. No disputes will be entered into. Tickets redeemed on a 1 for 1 basis only. Can not be used in conjunction with any promotional offer. If the new event is of a lesser value then the rain off value, then any unused rain off amount will be lost. Credit values do apply to tickets purchased using Tesco Points, Caravan Club and other 20% promotions.

The Live Action Arena held two full shows on all four days of Easter Thunderball with extra attractions moved there from the track. Those who braved the weather enjoyed, Monster Trucks, Freestyle Motocross, Stunt Riders, Jet Beetle, Jet Truck, Jet Quad, Extreme Globe Riders, Bike Trials and the Wheelie Car.

On track Sportsman cars were out on Friday and there was a full day's racing on Monday with eliminations in all classes completed. There were also demonstration passes from the Fireforce and Firestorm Jet Funny Cars, the Rocket Bike and the Maksar Racing Truck.

View photos from all days on the Daily Reports & Galleries pages.

2008 Easter Thunderball Race Report

In all my almost forty years of attending races I have never known such arctic conditions that befell the season unwrapper at Santa Pod Raceway. Dedicated nitro starved fans arrived regardless of weather predictions. Overnight temperatures dipped well below freezing and how race teams managed to even start motors let alone get down track on the two days that did not suffer rain, sleet and snow is beyond me. Everyone at the racetrack over that weekend needs an endurance medal and help in thawing out no-doubt! Many teams decided the weather was too adverse and wisely sat out or went home to keep warm whilst the slightly depleted fields managed to complete the eliminations between snow showers on Easter Monday.

Pro Fuel
Of any class the nitro machines were expected to have the most difficulties but despite some soft set ups and the 500 cubic inch motors being hard to start according to long-time Crew Chief Eddie Corr, everyone managed some track time apart from John Spuffard and the ATI Showtime Mustang who after consultation decided it was too cold to risk any occurring calamity. It was also decided to run the class over the eighth mile to further counteract any chance of damage.

First out in the four degree Celsius temperature was Norway’s Torstein Risdal who spun the slicks all the way on the 5.7 degree C track culminating in 4.003/151 eighth mile time ticket. Jari Halinen should be used to these temperatures as he hails from Finland but not necessarily in a fueller but he managed a better 3.995/134 ticket. Britain’s Andy Carter was next and despite a powerful launch and at least three pedalling stabs he ticketed the best numbers with a 3.603/217. Holland’s Lex Joon also had to pedal hard after a shaking start but obtained the second best numbers, a 3.705/194 to end the round.

The second attempt pitted Jari Halinen against Andy Carter and as Carter spun the slicks and suffered what sounded like a pop slowing his time to an 8.044/64 Halinen delivered the events best numbers with a fine 3.520/197. Good to have Gordon Smith back out in the Shockwave Firebird who ran a 4.886/150 as Lex Joon got the better 4.090/167 timing

With just the two sessions being able to be run due to the one day available the best figures came from the Top Fuel cars of Jari Halinen and Lex Joon, Finland against Holland. Joon’s MPM Oil sponsored machine was out first quickly followed by Halinen but Joon hit shake and pedalled followed by Halinen in a similar predicament but as Joon straightened his ride Halinen powered past clicking on the win light with a 4.063/143 to the losing 4.219/166.

Jari Halinen   Jari Halinen & Lex Joon  

Pro Fuel Shootout (eighth mile):
Jari Halinen 4.0632/143.17 def. Lex Joon 4.2198/166.73

MSA Pro Modified
There were eight entries in the MSA British Drag Racing Championship round number one of Pro Mod with Sweden’s Mats Eriksson giving it an international flavour. Again, these doorslammers with massive engines had to contend with the freezing elements and some dug in off the startline, others were ill handling trying to get the much needed traction delivered in the right direction but leading the way to a four car eliminator was Mats Eriksson with a lowly 8.039/178 just in front of an engine damaging 8.094/139 from Danny Cockerill. Bert Englefield came third with an 8.154/154 and Andy Robinson in his yet to be painted Studebaker a tyre rattling 9.829/96.

Wayne Nicholson in his Lucky Devil ‘Vette 8.170/167, Kev Slyfield got crossed up and didn’t finish, Ian Bishop woofed out a huge nitrous flame from the scoop and shut off and finally Graham Ellis’ stunning stealth looking Superbird shut off after the burnout.

Round one should have seen Danny Cockerill out but sadly he had damaged some lifters and cam and failed to show leaving Bert Englefield to launch into a bouncing but winning 10.906/121 solo. The bout between Mats Eriksson and Andy Robinson had to be seen to be believed as Robinson left first then both cars pedalled hard with Eriksson taking the lead but then being passed with Robinson getting the light with a 6.885/228 clocking as Eriksson shut off after getting into some wild moves in the lights losing with a 7.056/183.

If the round one clash between Robinson and Eriksson was wild then the final between Andy Robinson and Bert Englefield in the dark was brutish with Englefield leaving just a hair before Robinson. Both cars fought for any kind of traction available as both shook and used every inch of their respective lane, Robinson bouncing up on two side wheels at one point, then pair getting close but Andy Robinson stayed with it winning on a brave 7.275/209 against the equally brave 8.225/153.

There is another Pro Mod report and more photos at the MSA Drag Racing Website.

Andy Robinson   Andy Robinson & Bert Englefield  

Pro Modified: Andy Robinson 7.2756/209.20 def. Bert Englefield 8.2252/153.53

Top Methanol
Of the six entries only the two German teams of Timo and rookie brother Dennis Habermann ventured out, the other electing to either go home or sit out the bad weather. Timo topped the qualifying with a 6.385/208 as little brother recorded an off the trailer, first ever, 6.924/175. The pair obviously faced each other in the final as the gathering gloom and another snow flurry started. Timo’s experience showed as he left first in his new ex Duane Shields U.S. car pulling a wheelie, Dennis seemed to slow at half track but Timo held on for the 6.368/144 win to the 8.498/150 lose.

Andy Robinson   Timo & Dennis Habermann  

Top Methanol: Timo Habermann 6.3685/144.41 def. Dennis Habermann 8.4980/150.80

Super Modified
Of the seven entrants four made the final qualifying list with Andy Kirk claiming the top spot on a 7.648/179 clocking with Nigel Payne next at 7.731/176, Rob Smallworth 7.770/178 and finally Tim Garlick on a 7.968/169 pass.

Both Andy Kirk and Tim Garlick no-showed for round one and Nigel Payne made neat work of getting out on Rob Smallworth then capping it with a win of 7.736/177 to Smallworth’s chasing 7.996/179.

The Super Mod final was all Nigel Payne as no-one came up the other side of the ladder giving his 1962 Corvette an unopposed win in which he elected to just roll through stage to take the trophy.

Nigel Payne   Nigel Payne  

Super Modified: Nigel Payne staged, was unopposed

Super Comp
Eleven of the thirteen entries put in qualifiers with Pete Creswell leading the pack with an 8.904/152 just ahead of Chris Isaacs 8.958/149, Mark Fairhurst 8.988/151, Malcolm Francis 9.095/168 and Jon Morton on a 9.122/147 with Paul Letchford down in eleventh place on a below index 8.893/127.

Round one losses included Norway’s Trond Wanvik, Mark Fairhurst, Frank Mason, Dave Day and Steve Wells. Pete Creswell ran an unopposed 8.910/152 in round two whilst Dave Catton ran a legal 8.970/157 as Paul Letchford went way under with a losing 8.684/141. Jon Morton got the lesser of the red lights with a -.006 to a -.267 from Chris Isaacs, 9.095/149 win to the 8.950/151 lose.

Pete Creswell continued his advance, with an 8.938/152 win over the 8.964/156 from Dave Catton in the semi finals and Jon Morton ran a bye with an 8.987/149 to enter the final.

It was all over on the startline on the money run as Pete Creswell’s The Full Monty Mustang put a large cherry on the tree and his 8.948/152 was wasted as Jon Morton’s Firecrest Flyer Camaro ran the winning 8.975/139 numbers.

Jon Morton   Jon Morton  

Super Comp: Jon Morton 8.9754/139.53 def. Pete Cresswell 8.9494/152.54 red

Super Gas
All the entered Super Gas cars made passes with the top numbers going to Norway’s Christer Uhlin on a 9.916/128 followed by Pete Creswell with a 9.965/136, Jon Morton 9.988/142, Conrad Stanley 9.999/151 and in fifth was Frank Mason with a 10.036/142 leaving Dave Day down on fifteenth place with a breakout time of 9.674/147.

Round one losers were Paul Marston, Jon Giles, Mark White, Michael Howling, Mike Bentley and breaking or no shows, Malcom Francis, Matt Eley, Stuart Morrice and top qualifier Christer Uhlin.

Round two and Frank Mason ran a solo win with a 9.959/144. Jon Morton broke out with his 9.846/138 handing the win to Jon Evans’ 13.022/86. Pete Creswell ran a bye with a breakout 9.875/139 and Conrad Stanley took the 9.918/139 win over Dave Day’s 9.967/145 try.

Into the semis and Frank Mason cut a great light and held on for the win light, his 9.928/138 beating the 9.997/130 from Jon Evans Camaro. The Firebird of Conrad Stanley ran a 9.915/154 but could not catch the holeshot by Pete Creswell who took the win with a 9.908/133.

The final was a disappointment for Frank Mason as he was disqualified with a deep stage foul, his 9.948/144 wasted as Pete Creswell took the win with a second worst 9.844/139 breakout.

Jon Morton   Pete Cresswell  

Super Gas: Pete Cresswell 9.8443/139.58 def. Frank Mason 9.9480/144.89 DS Foul

Super Street
Eleven of the entered twelve got in qualifiers and were led by Dave Cherrett 10.902/91 with Bob Lees in at two on a 10.904/128, Leigh Morris at three 10.920/120, Nick Curtis 10.959/96 and at five John Grant 10.967/135. Paul Spiers sat on eleventh place with a below index 10.685/117.

Out in the first round went Nick Curtis, Nick Griffin, Paul Spiers, Simon Cooper and John Grant. The second round pitted Dave Cherrett against Mark Watkins and it was the great leave coupled with an 11.045/124 that gave Watkins the nod as Cherrett’s 10.994/94 failed to catch up. Martyn Sanger went the broke/abort route leaving Leigh Morris a clear path to the semis with his 10.953/119 win. Bob Lees won the battle of the breakouts with his 10.848/128 against the 10.840/121 from Chris Kenny to end the round.

The semi finals had Mark Watkins blown Datsun 280 ZX waste his 11.095/125 with a red light leave handing the win to Leigh Morris on a 10.992/120 win. Bob Lees took the round’s bye with an easy 12.531/105 win.

The darkness had wrapped everything in gloom and the odd snow flake floated by in the wind as the 2007 Champion Bob Lees in his Mustang faced the little E Type Jaguar of Leigh Morris and it was Morris that left first and held on for the win with his 11.250/120 as Lees ran an end of track oiling 11.280/120 to runner-up.

Leigh Morris   Leigh Morris  

Super Street: Leigh Morris 11.2508/120.90 def. Bob Lees 11.2809/120.87

Super Pro ET
Just nineteen of the twenty-eight runners made a qualifier that was led by Paula Atkin’s Ford 100E on an 8.410/161 followed by Simon Rowland 8.161/160, Martyn Jones 7.838/169, Nigel Turner 8.610/152 and in fifth place was Ashley Bell on an 8.986/139. Rod Harrison sat in last place with his under index 7.492/173.

Going in at round four and it was two bye runs with Simon Rowland who had earlier taken out Steve Johnson in one, a bye in round two and Rod Harrison in three, an 8.136/135 got him to the final. Number one qualifier, Paula Atkin had a first and second round bye then despatched Nigel Turner with an 8.471/163 to the close 8.438/156.

A good leave by Paula Atkin then turned into a crossed up and slowed up 11.097/76 lose as Simon Rowland took his E-Hell dragster to the win with an 8.382/144.

Simon Rowland   Simon Rowland  

Simon Rowland (8.10) 8.3823/144.37 def. Paula Atkin (8.46) 11.0973/76.73

Pro ET
The usual big fields in Pro ET did not disappoint as thirty-one of the thirty-seven made the qualifying with Gino Bernadine leading the pack on a 9.853/133 with Charlie Chivers following at 10.810/125, John Atkinson 9.018/150, Nicky Frost 10.221/114 and fifth was Simon Rowland on a 9.278/140 and down at the bottom of the pile was Phil Toppin on an under index 9.376/178.

Into round four and current Champion Paul Baynton who had earlier taken out Dave Nelson then Ian Brown and John Atkinson faced number qualifier Gino Bernadine but Gino got a little impatient and carded a red light 9.876/133 lose as Paul motored on to get into the final with an 11.283/121. Lee Huxley pulled the better light and held on to wrap up the win with a 10.601/117 as Neil Hunter chased, failing to pass with his 9.702/137.

Finals time and it was Paul Baynton in his Capricious Ford Capri against the Top Banana Ford Roadster driven by Lee Huxley but Baynton was too eager and ran an under index 11.226/111 on an 11.35 index losing to the victorious 10.621/117 from winner Lee Huxley.

Lee Huxley   Lee Huxley  

Pro ET: Lee Huxley (10.50) 10.6217/117.98 def. Paul Baynton (11.35) 11.2262/111.88

Sportsman ET
Nineteen out of twenty contestants showing was not bad in this class led by Nigel Holland in his ‘Avago Racing Mustang, a 15.056/88 doing the trick. Holland was followed by Lee Hollis at 19.472/68, Geoff Cowley 15.679/89, Lawrie Drysdale 16.743/80 and in at five was Don Brittain on a 14.061/100 leaving Ralph Young nineteenth with an under index 13.130/104.

By round four Geoff Cowley who got there by seeing off Steve Partis in one, Steve Unsworth in two and Holland’s Hans van der Spek ran a semi final round bye, his 16.050/88 getting him into the final. Tethys now in this class with a black Capri had to despatch Daniel Devlin in one, Lee Hollis in two and had a bye in three only to face Nick Gay in the semi, Tethys got the nod with a winning 14.649/86 as Nick’s 15.047/90 failed to catch up.

The final round win went to former Champion Geoff Cowley in his Camaro as his better leave and the 15.586/89 beat Tethys’ 14.455/86 try.

Phil Pratt   Geoff Cowley & Tethys  

Sportsman ET: Geoff Cowley (15.60) 15.5860/89.64 def. Tethys (14.60) 14.4556/82.64

Junior Dragster
Eighteen dragsters out of the entered twenty-two made the cut led by Matthew Seamarks with a .0009 leave and an 8.191/70 time. Behind came Rhiannon Bellenie .0033, 16.304/37, Anna Stanley .0039, 8.671/77, Scott Hauser .0136, 7.985/81 and in fifth spot Vicky Molden on a .0144, 8.253/80 and sitting down on the last place came Rosie Hunt.

Going into the semis and Rhiannon Bellenie had hung on in there with her Junior Stock machine beating the likes of Rebecca Evans in one, Zak Johnson in two and getting the third round bye before facing Scott Hauser in the semi final battle, an under index 16.459/37 put an end to Rhiannon’s day allowing Scott to win with a 7.990/81 pass. Anna Stanley meanwhile had beaten Jordan Keelan, Sweden’s Ludwig Peres in two and Joe Kellett in three and in the semi had the rounds bye run completing it with an 8.577/77.

It was former Champion Scott Hauser’s day he ran a solo final as Anna Stanley failed to show, Scott’s 8.015/81 got the trophy.

Scott Hauser   Scott Hauser  

Junior Dragster: Scott Hauser (7.98) 8.0151/81.77 bye, Anna Stanley no show

Street Eliminator
Nine of the fourteen entered in the B&H Automotive backed class got qualifying times that was led by Steve Nash in his Cougar on an impressive 8.188/174 try, he was followed by Jon Webster 8.524/168 in Ian Jackson ‘Vette, Steve Pateman 8.996/171, Mark Perkins 9.194/124 and Jerry Charles 9.273/167 and on the base spot was Ron Haslett with an 11.199/121.

Straight to the semis and Steve Nash was up against Ron Haslett, with Nash beating Jeff Meads in two after a round one bye and Haslett beating a pirouetting Jon Webster in one and a bye in two. Ron Haslett left first in his Cortina but could not match the awesome power of Nash, the 8.186/182 beating the 11.408/116 try. The other pairing had Steve Pateman on a bye which he took with an 8.563/177 after winning bouts with Mats Andersson in one and Mark Perkins in two.

A final in the dark again and Steve Pateman left first but slowed with a troubled 12.239/80 as Steve Nash stormed off to a winning 8.463/180.

Steve Nash   Steve Nash  

B&H Automotive Street Eliminator: Steve Nash 8.4633/180.72 def. Steve Pateman 12.2392/80.96

VW Pro
Most of the five entries in the class either went home or stayed in their trailer leaving just Michael Geraghty the honours as he led the solo qualifying with a 13.712/95 then went on to take the trophy in a solo final where he just staged the car.

Mick Geraghty    

VW Pro: Mick Geraghty (12.99) staged, was unopposed

VW Sportsman
Much better represented with eleven of the twelve strong class gaining qualifying passes which was led by Craig Allen with a 16.063/82 followed by Dave Bridge 13.780/92 and Spencer Tramm in a Polo at 16.365/83.

Spencer Tramm faced Craig Allen in the semis with Allen running a round one bye then beating Shane Rae in two whilst Tramm had seen off Polly Naylor then Abi Tether. Tramm was off first and held on to take the win with a 16.114/87 as Allen followed with a losing 15.070/85. Russell Weir got his final place with wins over Chris Bray then Adrian Wigley and a bye in the semis.

Once again Spencer Tramm got the better leave and coupled with a 16.917/68 took the win over the 19.942/67 from Russell Weir’s Karmann Ghia.

Spencer Tramm   Spencer Tramm  

VW Sportsman: Spencer Tramm (16.28) 16.9172/68.52 def. Russell Weir (19.20) 19.9426/67.20

VW Alternate Engine
Only one entry no-showed, leaving Scott Evison to take top qualifier with a 16.907/80 from his two-litre Beetle with Ian Huggan in at two with a 12.418/110 and Matt Attwood three with a 13.726/97.

After a round one bye Scott Evison was beaten by number five qualifier Mark Skeen’s VW Van with a 15.434/78 to the lose out 16.666/71, Skeen had earlier disposed of Matt Attwood. Andy Raw’s neat  441c.i. powered VW Funny Car Beetle had got past a broken Ian Huggan then got to the final with a bye run 9.896/126.

On his debut event in the VW flopper Andy Raw ran a winning 10.101/128 to beat the 15.401/88 try from Mark Skeen’s VW Van.

Andy Raw   Andy Raw  

VW Alternate Engine: Andy Raw (9.89) 10.1017/128.02 def. Mark Skeen (14.25) 15.4016/88.70

Wild Bunch
An unfortunate occurrence with a suspected stuck throttle on start–up put two of the class out on Friday when Darryl Howells ran into firstly Terry Clifford then the new garage fronting that replaced the barn both were fine but suffered car damage. Chris Hartnell led qualifying with a 9.348/142 followed by Peter Yates on a 9.979/137 and Mark Richardson on 11.219/107.

After a round one bye Chris Hartnell lost to Darren Law who had seen off a broken Mark Richardson in round one, the semi final figures were 9.602/138 to Law to the losing 9.466/141 from Hartnell. David Rowlands got an easy round one win when Peter Yates broke then soled to the final with a bye run 11.153/131.

The final saw Darren Law’s Wicked Lady dragster beat David Rowlands Destinys Angel altered in a 9.822/130 win to the 11.567/121 try.

Darren Law   Darren Law  

Wild Bunch: Darren Law (9.45) 9.8229/130.89 def. David Rowlands (11.00) 11.5674/121.98

Top Fuel Bike
Steve Woollatt seemed to have no problems with the inclement weather conditions running a top qualifier of 6.397 at just 209mph and leaving the other guys wondering what happened as firstly Holland’s Job Heezen having purchased last years Roel Koedam ridden bike ran a 7.289/163 then Ian Turboville a 7.925/181 and Steve Carey a lowly tryout 24.331/24. The bikes could not run on the only other day available (Friday) as the cross wind was judged too risky.

Mechanical carnage was rife in the eliminations as neither, Job Heezen or Ian Turboville showed for their bout leaving the two Steve’s Cary and Woollatt to face off. Woollatt was off first followed by Carey but Carey touched the centre line and hit the timing blocks disqualifying his try, Woollatt recorded the 6.477/221 win.

Finals time was a solo for Steve Woollatt’s The Dealer bike and he stayed on the throttle part way slowing to the win with a 7.707/120.

Steve Woollatt    

Top Fuel Bike: Steve Woollatt 7.7070/120.32 bye

Pro Stock Bike
Looks like half the entered class sat out or departed the complex as only three riders qualified and went into eliminations. Leading the qualifiers was Richard Gipp getting the better handle on the cold circumstances with a 7.598/172 then came Len Paget, a 7.625/170 and Dave Beck on a 7.870/168

The knockout contest saw Richard Gipp take the rounds bye with a stage only win then a contest between Len Paget and Dave Beck ended as Paget broke just off the line allowing Beck to ride through to the win with a 7.685/172.

The final was all Richard Gipp’s as he took the win with an 11.257/73 as Dave Beck came off the power and got no figures.

Richard Gipp    

Pro Stock Bike: Richard Gipp 11.2577/73.15 def. Dave Beck no time

Comp Bike
Once again the numbers were down as only seven tried to qualify leaving Conrad Skett on pole with an 8.245/171, Phil Leamon on two at 8.712/152, Roland Chaplain 9.077/150 and Ric Naylor 12.747/121.

Round one saw Ric Naylor lose out to Conrad Skett with a 10.751/120 to the winning 8.171/172 then Phil Leamon took the win with an 8.860/151 as Roland Chaplain failed.

The final was run between Champion Phil Leamon and Conrad Skett and it was Skett’s 1340cc Suzuki GSXR that notched up the win with an 8.697/135 as Phil Leamon ran a troubled 12.037/89.

Conrad Skett   Conrad Skett  

Comp Bike: Conrad Skett 8.6971/135.17 def. Phil Leamon 12.0373/89.94

Super Street Bike
Thirteen of the entered eighteen made the qualifications with Graham Balchin sitting in at number one with a stunning 7.698/184 well ahead of the remainder of the field as Richard Stubbins was next in with an 8.084/178 followed by Graham Dance 8.243/169, Garry Bowe 8.392/166 and in at fifth was Scott Baldwin on an 8.532/163 and ending up at the bottom of the pile was current Champion Steve Venables with an 11.053/114.

Graham Balchin disposed of Sean Mills in round two after a round one bye then put an end to Garry Bowe’s day with a 7.636/189 win to the 8.470/171 lose in the semi final round. Ian Cotton was also having a good day with wins over Steve Wood in one, Graham Dance in two before taking out Richard Stubbins in the other half of the semi final, 8.075/164 losing with a red light to the ‘seen it’ 13.437/85 win.

It was a Kawasaki versus Suzuki battle in the final as Graham Balchin’s Kawa faced the ‘Busa of Ian Cotton, Balchin left first and ran to a 7.843/183 win as Cotton chased hard ending up losing with an 8.667/179.

Graham Balchin    

Super Street Bike: Graham Balchin 7.8438/183.90 def. Ian Cotton 8.6678/179.85

9.50 Bike
Thirteen of the twenty-three riders managed a qualifier on the Monday’s one day try and it was led by Richard Sawatzki with a 9.696/143 ahead of Andy Haley 9.714/140, Martin Walker 9.758/141, Shaun Spiers 9.793/139 and in fifth was Richard Hann on a 9.884/145 leaving Phil Pratt at the bottom of the pile with a under index 9.377/146.

Fred Furlong entered the semis having defeated Martin Walker in one and Augy Harrison in two and now faced Richard Hann who had seen off Tony Beadman and Richard Hann. Furlong got the better light and hung on to take the win, a 9.658/141 beating the 9.985/146 from Hann. On the other side Andy Haley got through with wins over Wayne Saunders then a bye to enter the semi facing Phil Pratt with had disposed of Julian Harris and Carl Atkinson. Pratt left first chased by Haley but at the stripe it was Pratt’s 9.517/125 that got the better of the 10.285/139 from Haley.

The final was an all Suzuki GSXR fight and despite having to chase Fred Furlong’s leave Phil Pratt came from last qualifier to win the event title with a 9.613/137 to the defeated 9.661/141.

Phil Pratt   Phil Pratt & Fred Furlong  

9.50 Bike: Phil Pratt 9.6139/137.70 def. Fred Furlong 9.6615/141.95

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