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The Summer Nationals 2009

Sat 13th to Sun 14th June

The 2009 Summer Nationals had two days of uninterrupted sunshine with close racing in all the National Championship Drag Racing classes for cars and bikes.

Photos from Summer Nationals 2009

Carla Pittau   Sandra Chaplain   Andy Robinson
Frank Bennet   Chris Hartnell   Fred Furlong
Andrew Marriot   Mark Watkins   Frank Mason
Don Irvine   Bernard Newbury   Tony Betts
Tim Blakemore   Rob Smallworth   John Everitt
Jeff Meads   Richard Merriman   Scott Baldwin
Martin Hill   Kev Slyfield   2 Seater


MSA Pro Mod: Winner Andy Robinson, runner-up Graham Ellis
Super Modified: Winner Belinda, runner-up Nigel Payne
Super Pro ET: Winner John Everitt, runner-up Jack Brewster
Pro ET: Winner Roy Walker, runner-up Mick Howling
Sportsman ET: Winner Spencer Tramm, runner-up Tethys
Super Comp: Winner Paul Letchford, runner-up Frank Mason
Super Gas: Winner Stuart Morrice, runner-up Frank Mason
Super Street: Winner Martyn Sanger, runner-up Leigh Morris
Junior Dragster: Winner Joe Kellett, runner-up Anna Stanley
B&H Automotive/LA Racing Parts Street Eliminator: Winner Mats Andersson, runner-up David Murdoch
Wild Bunch: Winner Pete Yates, runner-up Dave Rowlands
VW Pro: Winner James Hodson, runner-up Richard Merriman
VW Sportsman: Winner Lucy Matthews, runner-up Russ Weir
Outlaw Anglia: Winner Richard Colby, runner-up Cliff Griffin
Outlaw Flat Four: Winner Paul Bate, runner-up Bernie Newbury
HKS FWD: Winner Guy Chamberlain, runner-up Neil Knight
Nostalgia Fuel Altered Association: Winner Frank Bennett, runner-up Dave Grabham

Top Fuel Bike: Winner Steve Woollatt, runner-up Rene van den Berg
Pro Stock Bike: Winner Dave Beck, runner-up Len Paget
Funny Bike: Winner Kev Charman, runner-up Chris Hall
Comp Bike: Winner Ivan Birch, runner-up Dave Peters
Super Street Bike: Winner Steve Venables, runner-up Rich Stubbins
9.50 Bike: Winner Richard Sawatzki, runner-up Dave Hall
Supertwin Gas: Winner Les Harris, runner-up Andy Watson
Supertwin ET: Winner Dave Smart, runner-up Steve Partridge

Pro Mod
Pro Mod
Super Modified
Super Mod
Super Pro ET
Super Pro ET
Pro ET
Pro ET
Sportsman ET
Sportsman ET
Super Comp
Super Comp
Super Gas
Super Gas
Super Street
Super Street
Junior Dragster
Junior Dragster
Street Eliminator
Street Eliminator
Wild Bunch
Wild Bunch
VW Pro
VW Pro
VW Sportsman
VW Sportsman
Outlaw Anglia
Outlaw Anglia
Top Fuel Bike
Top Fuel Bike
Pro Stock Bike
Pro Stock Bike
Funny Bike
Funny Bike
Comp Bike
Comp Bike
Super Street Bike
Super Street Bike
9.50 Bike
9.50 Bike
Supertwin Gas
Supertwin Gas
Supertwin ET
Supertwin ET

Summer Nationals 2009 Race Report

With rounds of the MSA, the ACU, SPRC and all National Championships being contested it made for some packed pits with twenty-five separate classes running some non-stop pretty consistent and entertaining racing. Downtime was thankfully minimal due to just a couple of small oil-downs although the track crew, as ever worked their socks off. The weather was just great with fine sunshine most of the time and temperatures comfortable around the low twenties Celsius but pushing the track temps well up above forty.

Headlining the huge event was the MSA Pro Mod Championship and despite a smaller than expected entry due to Holland’s David Vegter entry not being quite ready and Ray White having found his Zephyrs problems unable to organise everything at the last minute it was a stormer of a class. Qualifying was headed by Andy Robinson with a 6.147/225 with Graham Ellis getting a great number, 6.281/226. A great return after a rapid repair from the wall strike at the Main Event for Bert Englefield and a third spot with 6.716/210. Wayne Nicholson was having annoyingly small problems but managed a 7.122/195 and Kev Slyfield a 7.332/182.

A round one bye put Robinson up against Englefield in the semis and a 6.189/229 got the light for Robinson against the 6.694/208 lose. Graham Ellis fresh from his 6.2 qualifier ousted Kev Slyfield’s almost straight 7.207/180 with a 6.359/226 then went to the final with a bye of 6.271/227 to show his new strength.

It was all poised for a great run-off for the two quickest and fastest, Andy Robinson’s ’53 Studebaker left first and hauled like a train as the Superbird of Graham Ellis shook and got close to the centreline pedalling to a 6.752/217 lose as Robinson got the light with a 6.156/230.

The Nostalgia Fuel Altered Association ran well with a full field of Topolino’s the money run was between Frank Bennett’s Escapedesign backed Relentless and Dave Grabham’s Freddy’s Revenge in an all methanol final. Grabham was out first leading by a car length but at the tree Bennett was reeling him in and took the win with a 6.571/196 to the 7.172/178.

Super Modified leader was Nigel Payne on a 7.607/179 with the remaining six cars stretching back to last man in at 8.230/162 from Simon Farmer. Payne got the opening round bye putting down a no nonsense 7.571/181 then taking out Craig Gibbs in the semi, a 7.659/179 caught and passed the 7.794/176 try. Belinda Bull on the other side of the ladder dealt out Simon Farmer’s 8.415/164 with a 7.542/181 then ran another 7.5 to despatch Tim Mugridge who had earlier taken out Tim Garlick, the 7.591/179 from Bull beat the 7.817/176.

It was the 1962 Corvette of Nigel Payne that faced the Chevy S10 truck of Belinda Bull for the final, Payne leapt away first in his usual torqued over wheelie but his 7.681/180 was not enough as Bull’s truck chased him down winning with a 7.582/179.

An eleven car field made up the Super Comp class and was led by Brian Pateman in his red Firebird on an 8.909/154 pass. Pateman had the first round bye then saw off Jon Morton in round two before breaking out in the semi to Frank Mason, 8.960/151 to the illegal 8.897/148. Paul Letchford was making his way past Pete Creswell in the opening round then beat Steve Wells Pop pick-up in two before a round three bye to the final.

It was a disappointment in the final for Frank Mason who no showed leaving Paul Letchford in his backed Camaro to take a solo win with a ‘who care’s’ breakout 8.870/157.

Defending Super Gas Champion Conrad Stanley led the pack with a 9.901/155 with Stuart Doignie being the last man in at eleven with a limping in 30.740/40. Stanley made it past round one with a bye then beat Jon Morton in two only to go out in the semis to Frank Mason, 9.995/132 to a slowing 11.510/88. Mason had seen off a broken Doignie in one Jon Evans in two. Stuart Morrice meanwhile beat a red lighting Pete Creswell then Dave Day before a bye took him to the final.

It was almost a solo final as Frank Mason in his ‘Vette left way too early recording no times and leaving Stuart Morrice to pick up the cheque with a 10.909/147 win.

A full eight car eliminator made up the Super Street category with Leigh Morris taking pole with a 10.902/119. Morris continued his onslaught dealing out John Grant in one then Neil Grant in two, 10.909/114 to the losing 11.043/130. Martyn Sanger however was making his way up the ladder beating Dave Cherrett in one and seeing off a red lighting Bob Lees in two.

The final pitted Martyn Sanger in his white and blue Mustang against the all green E-Type Jaguar of Leigh Morris. Morris seemed to bog off the line then slowly made his way up strip after Sanger whose 11.199/95 won the day.

Super Pro ET was an all John Everitt affair as he led the eighteen strong field with a 7.960/168 and made his way to the final to face number nine qualifier Jack Brewster. A 7.929/164 from Everitt’s Alien altered sealed the win as Jack Brewster in his Just Mustard Firebird followed in with an 8.644/151 runner up.

Billy Gane took his AC Cobra to the Pro ET lead with a 10.08/132 but went out in round one. Eventual finalists were Roy Walker in his immaculate Ford Cortina and in the Paul Marston Racing Vega was Mick Howling. It was Howling out first but Walker caught and passed him winning his first event with a 10.581/125 to the losing 10.759/120.

It was Ralph Young in his Corvette that stood as number one qualifier with a 13.107/104 in Sportsman ET but he was victim number one on eventual winner, Spencer Tramm’s list in round one. Tramm then despatched Nick Gay’s little Metro pick-up in two 15.967/83 to a 13.448/97 lose. Heading up the other side of the ladder was Tethys who got by a red lighting Geoff Cowley then a 17.590/75 took the win against the 13.805/92 from Ian Jackson.

Vintage Capri against VW Polo in the final and Spencer Tramm pulled his usual good light and chased down Tethys, a 16.205/78 took the light as Tethys came in second with a 17.329/74.

Junior Dragster had Claire Giles nip in on the last pass of qualifying to take the lead, a 0.0015 coupled with a 9.124/69 but she went out to Matthew Seamarks in a first round bout, then Seamarks fell to a red light against Anna Stanley in two as Stanley made her way past Joshua Webb in one and a bye into the final. Joe Kellett meanwhile got the better of Charlotte Watts in one Josh Saunders in two before an 8.351/75 win to a 9.077/68 from Annalieze Gibb in a semi final clash.
The final pitted Joe Kellett in his Drummin Man machine against Anna Stanley’s Panther Racing UK car but a rather blatant red light put an end to Stanley’s day allowing Kellett an 8.984/70 win to the chasing 8.042/81 lose. 

In the Street Eliminator class Colin Lazenby headed the pack with an 8.345/175 but he suffered problems and no-showed in the first round allowing David Murdoch’s stunning Willys to get through. Mats Andersson took his little Opel GT through against Jeff Meads then took it past Alex McIntosh in two 9.538/140 to a red light 9.485/148. Murdoch entered his first final via a semi final bye run of 10.241/129.

Mats Andersson left first by a car length as David Murdoch chased gaining his first nine second pass, a 9.991/120 made him happy but he came second to Mats Andersson’s 9.611/138.

Outlaw Anglia had a small field of five led by Richard Colby with an 8.663/156 and a round one bye put him against number three qualifier Simon Barlow. Colby led all the way 8.604/157 to a 9.594/144 getting Colby into the final. Cliff Griffin managed an 8.801/146 over a breaking Colin Millar then an easy solo in the semi.

Bets would have been in favour of Richard Colby and he did not disappoint, leading out of the hole and placing an 8.601/156 ticket for the win as Cliff Griffin chased hard runner upping with an 8.765/152.

A small VW Pro class had Richard Merriman sitting on pole with a 12.815/101 and he met James Hodson in the final. Hodson had beaten Phil Norman in the semis and went onto face Merriman for the trophy. A good light by James Hodson coupled with an 11.181/93 from his VW Golf got the nod over the 13.065/100 from the orange Beetle of Richard Merriman.

A twelve car VW Sportsman qualifier was led by Michael Outhwaite on a 16.475/82 pass but he succumbed to Russell Weir in round one. Weir then went all the way to the final, trailering the likes of Polly Naylor in two and a bye in the semi. Lucy Matthew had her luck hold against Ian Huggan then Luke Stevenson and Dean Clatworthy.

In the final it was Russell Weir in his Karmann Ghia that had to sit and wait as Lucy Matthews went off ahead in her VW Squareback but at the stripe it was Matthews win 24.068/52 to the losing 16.992/78.

Peter Yates took the Ramraider slingshot to pole in the Wild Bunch challenge, a 9.336/141 was well ahead of the rest. He had a close call in round one winning with a 9.339/129 against the wheelie popping Chris Hartnell’s 9.283/137 then a bye to the final. David Rowlands took his Destinys Angel altered to wins over Terry Clifford in round one then a 9.827/131 win to the losing 9.744/134 from Darren Law.

David Rowland did not get any times as he seemed to jump the lights, paused and got back on again but all to no avail as Peter Yates capitalised on it winning with a 9.371/138.

The Outlaw Flat Four VW’s had Bernard Newbury lead with a 10.714/127 and he made his way to the final picking off Andrew Marriott in round one then Peter Englezos in two. Paul Bate beat a red lighting Adele Woodbridge then James Wotton in two. In the final Bernard Newberry got crossed up on his launch suffering a puncture en route to a disqualified boundary crossing 10.794/127 lose leaving Paul Bate the win with a 14.932/70.

The HKS FWD class held a round led by Guy Chamberlain with a 10.785/136 and from there he did not look back, going on to take the win on the money run. Chamberlain got an easy win over a broken Richard Batty. Neil Knight beat Paul Cresswell in his first round encounter. It was a Honda Civic battle at the end of the day, Neil Knight was chased down by Guy Chamberlain who took the light with a 10.927/141 to the losing 13.692/104.

Top Fuel Bike had just three entries and was led by who else but multi-time ACU winner Steve Woollatt with a stout 6.558/219. Ian Turboville suffered mechanical attrition so Holland’s Rene van den Berg managed a solo 7.339/203 to get to the final as Woollatt put down a great 6.453/217 for his final place.

Rene van den Berg was not on his usual form this weekend and only managed a 7.157/199 to gain runner up place as Steve Woollatt again ran a great number to take the win with a 6.484/210 that left Berg for dead.

Dave Holland led the riders in the Funny Bike class with a 7.100/177 time ticket and got through round one with a bye 7.337/156 despite hitting the top end reflectors. Holland’s next outing saw him lose as his 7.625/136 was beaten by Kev Charman’s 7.389/177. Chris Hall the defending ACU Champion had an easy round one win as Tim Blakemore did not show for the bout then a solo through to the final.

It was all over on the startline for Chris Hall as he stalled on the launch leaving the way clear for Kev Charman to run a 7.384/178 win.

Pro Stock Bike was led by Dave Beck with a 7.379/175 well ahead of the small pack. A resounding 7.320/180 saw off the challenge from Paul King in round one and put Beck into the final. Ray Debben was also up against it as Len Paget ran a 7.477/174 win to the losing 7.863165.

The old rivals met once more and again it was all over on the startline as Len Paget pulled a rare cherry handing the win to Dave Beck who was not holding back, laying down a fine 7.299/179 for the trophy.

Ivan Birch the defending Comp Bike Champion held pole with a 7.605/174 then showed whose boss by going all the way to the big win. Nick Daniels was out first to Birch then Phil Leamon. Meeting Birch in the final would be Dave Peters who dispatched Sandra Chaplain then Phil Crossley.

Dave Peters got the better light but his slowing 8.479/129 was no match for Ivan Birch whose 7.539/174 took the win.

There were some disappointed racers in Super Street Bike as three known names failed to qualify leaving Steve Venables the number one honour with a 7.455/188. It was a Venables weekend as he dominated the class taking out Richard Hann then Brad O’Connor before getting the 7.830/180 win as US rider Walter Sprout stalled off the line in the semi. Richard Stubbins made his way to the final with wins over Pete Bellenie, Chris Reed and Graham Balchin.

A good leave by Richard Stubbins on his Suzuki Hayabusa was chased down by the ‘Busa of Steve Venables with the tale being told in favour of Venables as his 7.466/185 beat the 7.648/188.

A whopping 9.50 Bike category saw Steve Ashby on top with a 9.518/137. However, the final came to a duel between Dave Hall’s Suzuki GSXR and current Champion Richard Sawatzki on his Suzuki Hayabusa. T was Richard Sawatzki’s 9.618/125 win as Dave Hall broke out losing with a 9.498/146.

Onto Supertwin Top Gas and Dave Jones held the top spot with a 9.687/130 but went out in the quarter finals to Andy Watson who had earlier seen off Chris Mott, Watson then beat Robbie Dobbie in the semi final. Les Harris beat Don Irvine in round one then took two byes to get to the final.

Les Harris was out of the hole first and never looked back as he stormed ahead to record the winning 9.891/128 as Andy Watson chased hard but to no avail, his 9.942/131 losing.

Simon Clamp took his Firestorm to the Supertwin ET pole position with an 11.402/116 but fell to event winner Dave Smart in round two. Smart took wins over Bev Riley in one then Barrie Gregory in the semi. Stephen Partridge made his way to the final by beating a breaking Kevin Bailey, David Shorthose and a bye to the trophy run.

The Suzuki of David Smart faced the Buell of Stephen Partridge and a good leave by Smart held on for the win, 10.091/131 to the losing 11.015/118 from Partridge.

© Roger Gorringe. June 2009. &

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