No Animals (Except Assistance Dogs)

It is important that everyone understands why allowing animals at motor sports events poses a considerable hazard. The hazard is not just to humans but also the welfare of the animal itself.  The event promoter has a legal duty to acknowledge and eliminate hazards; those that cannot be eliminated must be properly controlled.

The RSPCA have conducted a campaign to reduce the noise levels of fireworks as it is widely acknowledged that they do cause damage to the hearing of animals. The current unacceptable noise level of fireworks is lower than levels recorded at drag strips in the UK.

Whilst it offends some people not to bring their animals to a venue, it is the only responsible way to act.  In addition to the above there are several instances every year of people being bitten by animals, predominantly dogs at events, clearly animals often react in this way for some reason which could be linked to anxiety as a result of noise, fumes and conditions, even if you are only located on a campsite some considerable distance away.

Assistance Dogs

Assistance dogs will be admitted to the venue but if you are thinking of bringing your assistance dog with you, we would strongly recommend that you consider whether it is the right environment for your dog.

Assistance dogs must remain in the designated inclusion zone. This is located near the venue entrance. The exact location may vary according to the layout of the car parks/campsites.

It is strongly advised that you contact the Box Office prior to arrival to enable us to plan for ahead for your visit.

Should you need any further advice on the welfare of your assistance dog, please contact your local Assistance Dog service provider.

This policy has been created in consultation with “Guide Dogs” UK Charity.

Guide Dogs

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