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Welcome to Run What Ya Brung (RWYB)

Public Track Days at Santa Pod Raceway, Northamptonshire

At Run What Ya Brung days you can take your car or motorcycle out on the famous quarter-mile dragstrip and test it's performance limits in a safe and legal environment.

RWYB is the cheapest and most accessible public track time in the UK, from just £60 admission and "sign on" (booking fees apply).

Sign-on from £45, Kids just £5 - Buy Tickets Online (All Tickets Pre-Booking Only!)

About RWYB

You don't have to apply for a race licence or own a supercar, most drivers who come along will be racing in normal road cars and bikes. Some participants may have modified cars or even be professional racers in their drag cars but don't worry, you won't be pitched against a 300mph Top Fuel Dragster!

All you need is a valid driving licence (UK, European or International). You'll be entitled to unlimited runs and you'll receive a personal performance print-out showing your reaction times to the start lights, 60ft, 1/4 mile, 1/8 mile times and terminal speed.

Throughout the year there are also specialist events and festivals which incorporate Run What Ya Brung, including car only, bike only and manufacturer-specific events. Prices and number of runs vary for these events, please see the Dates page for more info.

The venue normally opens at 8.00am with track runs starting at 9:30am - 5pm, weather and track conditions dependant. Opening times vary for specialist events.

Some RWYB meetings are busier than others, longer waiting times can be expected at a RWYB before a big Drag Race meeting as drag cars testing take longer to stage. On the plus side you sometimes get to see Europe's fastest cars running on the same strip as you.

Please note that RWYB spaces are sold on a first come first served basis as we can only service a certain amount of customers on each day.

Don't forget your driving licence! Helmets are required for all bikes and open top cars, and any vehicles doing 110 mph or more at the finish line. Arm straps required in open top cars. Full Rules & Regulations here.

If the race vehicle is a standard road car or bike then except for the probability of needing to wear a helmet (see below), there are few other rules that will apply.

In the event of a vehicle being deemed too dangerous to participate, RWYB officials reserve the right to withdraw it from the event on the grounds of the duty of care for others and the rider/driver.


  • A full valid recognised driving licence or Motorsport UK/ACU licence is required to sign-on. (As from the 8th June 2015 you will no longer be able to sign on using the paper counterpart of the photocard driving licence due to the DVLA aboloshing this document. Paper driving licences issued before the photocard in 1998 and the photocard itself remain valid.)
  • Before you go on to the track you need to visit the signing on office to sign a declaration form and pay your signing on fee.
  • Any nitro vehicles must give us at least 3 days notice if they wish to run at a RWYB.
  • Recently we have been seeing an influx in diesel racers. Whilst this is not something we are against at all, we must begin to address the issue of the black smoke that some of these cars produce. Despite efforts and requests with racers to ensure exhausts are facing away from the track surface, we are still finding soot being left on the track when these cars run which then needs to be cleaned up. There is also a safety issue to consider with reduced visibility for our safety and marshalling teams.
    Therefore, from 2022 we will be refusing track access to any vehicle found to be emitting “excessive” black smoke.
    To those of you affected by this issue, please use the remainder of the 2021 to work on a solution to ensure that your race schedule for 2022 can continue unaffected!
  • The venue carries a zero tolerance policy on using vehicles under the influence of drugs or alcohol, this applies for anyone taking passenger rides on the dragstrip too.
  • The driver/rider must not be suffering from any medical condition, that may affect their ability to drive safely. The participant must not be pregnant or have had major surgery in the last 3 months.
  • Re-fuelling in the staging lanes in strictly prohibited. When refuelling in the pits please ensure you do so safely.
  • If any participant has a problem on the dragstrip and/or thinks there is possibly a fluid leak, they must stop as soon possible, at the side of the track (next to the wall). A marshal will attend to check the vehicle and assist in removing from the track if required. The same applies if a participant comes into contact with the wall, loses control or spins.
  • Please note that if you and your vehicle have taken part in Motorsport UK/ACU competition, the safety rules and equipment required at a RWYB is the same as any Motorsport UK/ACU race event. Participants can now sign on with their relevant Motorsport UK/ACU licences.
  • The track manager retains the right to refuse track access to any vehicle they deem to be unsafe.
  • Any electric or hybrid powered cars that are road legal and driven to the track are still currently permitted to run on the track. Anyone one wanting to bring race style or home built electric cars, we are currently unable to permit them on the racetrack, we are working closely with the appropriate governing bodies to rectify this issue.


  • Seat belts are mandatory. Lap belts are only accepted on stock vehicles where they were fitted as standard.
  • Arm Restraints are mandatory for all open top and windowless vehicles.
  • A safety helmet that is fit for purpose is compulsory for ALL competitors. Exceptions to this rule are street cars running under 110mph. Helmets are compulsory in all open top vehicles regardless of speed.
  • The driver/rider must declare that their vehicle is safe and complies with the necessary rules and regulations.  All vehicles taking part must be fit for purpose.
  • Roll cages are strongly recommended for all vehicles running quicker than 12 seconds over a quarter mile.
  • Please note: if you need to install a cage, please consult a specialist or the National Drag Racing rulebook to ensure it is fitted safely and correctly (see RWYB website for details).
  • An SFI spec neck brace is recommended for ALL competitors using a helmet and compulsory for anyone travelling 130mph and faster.
  • It is recommended that there is a secondary braking system for all vehicles travelling faster than 150mph, this can be a parachute or mechanical braking system in addition to a hydraulic system.
  • A 5 point harness is compulsory for vehicles capable of 145mph+.
  • A HANS / FHR device is compulsory for vehicles travelling 170mph and faster and strongly recommended for any vehicle fitted with a 5 point harness.
  • It is highly recommended that all fuel systems and tanks are separated from the driver. There should be at least a bulkhead between the driver and the fuel lines and tank, if this is not possible it is highly recommended that a fire suit and helmet is worn regardless of speed.
  • The use of space saver tyres is strictly prohibited.
  • It sounds basic but it is mandatory that you have all of your wheel nuts on your wheels! Your car has been designed with 4 or 5 nuts for a reason and there is certainly no performance gain achieved by running with less so don’t try it or you will be turned away!
  • Suitable fire suits are mandatory for vehicles running on methanol or nitro and highly recommended for vehicles with nitrous systems.
  • Windows must be fully up when on the dragstrip.
  • The only exemptions to any of the above rules is if your vehicle is fully compliant with ALL Motorsport UK/FIA drag racing regulations.


  • Riders of motorcycles, quad bikes, go karts and anything else deemed similar by the track manager are required to wear suitable protective clothing. ALL limbs need to be suitably covered.  Leathers are highly recommended but jeans and a protective jacket is acceptable on slower bikes (a bike you would ride to the track for example). Helmet and gloves are mandatory.
  • No pillion passengers (including trikes and quads) are allowed with the exception of purpose built, race bikes with sidecars.

Hints and Tips

  • Participants are to plan their run; if they are not planning on doing a burnout then they should drive around the water box. Not only will driving through it wet your tyres and reduce traction but you will also be dripping water onto the racing surface which we’ll then have to dry off after you.
  • Ensure that you have enough fuel. Of course you don’t want to go up the strip with a full tank of gas as that can add a lot of weight to the car and slow you down but please make sure you have enough to complete your run. Unfortunately we don’t have an onsite petrol station (although we do sell cans of race fuel in the Pod Shop) so you should also think about getting home!
  • You should frequently check your oil level but this is particularly important on a track day when you’ll be running your vehicle flat out.
  • We can’t allow any vehicles on the drag strip if there is liquid of any description on the racing surface so please check your vehicle for leaks of any description before running. Our marshals do check vehicles when you first get on the drag strip so if they spot anything you won’t be allowed to run until it’s been rectified.
  • We’re not saying you need a show winner to get on track but please ensure your vehicle is clean – particularly the tyres. The condition of the racing surface is crucial in drag racing so if you’re vehicle is caked in mud, don’t be surprised if you’re turned away to clean it up.
  • The drag strip is used for racing, not the rest of the facility so please be sensible when travelling to and from the pits. The speed limit is 10mph so please abide by this rule – this rule also applies in the pairing lanes and return road.


  • Passengers must be 17 years of age and over (photo ID required).
  • A maximum of one passenger at a time in the front seat only.
  • Passenger rides are only permitted to vehicles travelling less than 130mph at the finish line.
  • Any Safety rules and regulations enforced on the driver are also enforced on the passenger.
  • Any safety equipment must be fit for purpose and of an equal level to the driver.
  • Keep all body parts (hands, arms, legs, long hair, etc.) within the passenger seat at all times.
  • Keep your seatbelt on until the car comes to a full and complete stop and you are told that it is safe to get out.
  • If the car stops for any reason, stay seated and await guidance from the driver or marshals. If for any reason you have to leave the car in an emergency look out for the other race vehicle and support vehicles that maybe approaching.
  • Anyone participating must be of a suitable stature to ensure that all of the safety systems work effectively, this includes safety equipment, seat size and seat belts.

Learn all about Run What Ya Brung at Santa Pod Raceway with these RWYB guides.

Video Guide

Watch A Run What Ya Brung Video Guide on Santapod.TV

A Beginners Guide to RWYB

What is RWYB?

RWYB stands for “Run What Ya Brung” and refers to public test days when Santa Pod is open to anyone with a driving licence to run their car or motorcycle down the track.

RWYB is as simple or scientific as you want it to be, and you can use these days either to just have fun with your friends or as serious test days, whether your vehicle is for road or track.

Your mission is to accelerate from a standing start and cover the 1/4 mile in the shortest possible time. A full performance printout after each run will show your reaction time, speed, and elapsed time as well as a host of incremental measurements.

What Do I Need To Have A Go?

  • A vehicle (vehicles must be safe and run at the race director's discretion).
  • A driving licence suitable for the type of vehicle you are driving.
  • A crash helmet for open top vehicles and those going over 110mph at the finish line. Arm straps required in open-top vehicles.
  • Bikers need suitable protective clothing and approved helmet.

What Do I Need To Do?

  1. Purchase your race voucher and sign on online at (a computer is available in the Signing On Office)
  2. Visit the Signing On Office at the base of the control tower on foot to present your driving license and race voucher.
  3. Check your vehicle is well maintained and safe. Tyres, oil, steering, coolant and brakes are important. Also check your tyres and arches are not muddy.
  4. Move your Vehicle to the back of the queue in the "fire up road". Bikers can usually push past to the separate queue for bikes.
  5. When you are called forward by the marshal, close you windows and sunroof fully, and buckle your seatbelt. Bikers should pull down visors or goggles. Please DO NOT activate liquid spray-bars.
  6. If you wish, attempt a burnout in the water under the tower. This will clean and warm your tyres. 4WD cars will not burnout unless equipped to do so.
  7. Roll forward to the Start Line when the marshal indicates. The start line is not actually marked on the track (because it would get scrubbed out very quickly), but the best way to spot it is to look for a gap in the blue border next to the track.
  8. The first pair of lights on the "starting tree" marked Pre Staged will light when you are nearly in position.
  9. Roll a few inches further forward and the next pair of lights marked Staged will light also.
  10. When you and your opponent are both staged and the track is clear, the three orange bulbs will light and then the Green. Now is the time to go!
  11. Accelerate as hard as you can without spinning the wheels too much. The last timing beam is under the gantry exactly 1/4 of a mile from the start line.
  12. Slow down gently once you have crossed the finish, and keep going until you reach the first Turn Off Point on the left. Check your mirrors for your opponent before turning off and heading back on yourself. Do NOT turn around if you miss the turn-off point, keep going and take the next exit on the left. Drive slowly and carefully once you have left the track.
  13. You can collect Timing Slips from the signing on office at the startline tower. These are free to collect as soon as your run is complete. If in doubt at any point, simply look to the marshals for direction. Please do not smoke or use mobile phones when on the track.

5 RWYB Tips for a great ET:

  • Avoid wheel spin on the run.
  • Avoid hitting the rev-limiter.
  • Change gear as smoothly and quickly as possible.
  • Race on a warm, but not hot engine.
  • Remember to take the handbrake off!!!

Tips for bikers:

  • You will be transferring the maximum power to the track when your bike is neither wheelying nor wheel-spinning. Push the rear tyre to the limit, but not over the limit!
  • Most modern bikes will allow clutchless gear-changes. Just back off the throttle a bit and hoik the gear lever up. It is hard to do this right, but when you get it sussed, you can cut seconds off your ET.
  • Adopt the correct body position: Lean forward and tuck in for the optimal weight distribution and aerodynamics on the run.

An Advanced Guide to RWYB

This factsheet is designed for those who have mastered the basics of Run What Ya Brung drag racing, and are looking to expand their understanding of drag racing and improve their times.

Safety Fast

Most experienced drag racers with a brain between their ears will tell you that getting your priorities right when building fast cars is very important. Make a car safe first, and fast later. Generally, you should follow this order of priorities when preparing your car for use on the track. Do not make the mistake of building a quick car that is dangerous. Although accidents are rare at Santa Pod, and safety provision at the track is second to none, accidents can and do happen. At speeds of over 100mph, traction and aerodynamic factors can change rapidly and lead to accidents. However, by building a car with safety in mind at all times, both you and your vehicle can escape serious injury.

Some people are happy to spend thousands of pounds on performance upgrades for the engine, only to find they can't afford a few hundred pounds for a roll-cage. These people may one day regret that choice, so make sure it isn't you! Generally, if your car is able to go under 12 seconds, you should SERIOUSLY consider a roll-cage. It is also worth stating at this stage that some cages are only for show! Make sure you get yours installed by a skilled race car builder, not an aftermarket parts man.

Parachutes are worth considering on sub-11 second cars too. Even if your brakes are the best on the market and your car is well maintained, they will do nothing in a slide, puncture, or brake failure situation. Parachutes will help slow you down whatever the wheels are doing, and can even be used in an emergency to help straighten a car that is in a slide or a weave. Many people have saved cars from serious damage by a quick tug on the 'chutes.


The staging lights on the Christmas tree are there to show the position of your front wheels. A small advantage can be gained by "deep-staging" which is where your front-wheels are slightly further forward than the normal "staged" position, and only the lower pair of staging lights are lit. A skilled racer can improve their reaction times by cutting the distance the wheels have to travel before being clear of the staging sensors. This is useful for bracket racers and heads-up racers alike, since it allows drivers and riders to have a better idea of the position of the wheels. An increased risk of tripping a red-light is the trade off though, so it may take practice to find any advantage from deep-staging.

Get Prepared

Some people want to know how cars and bikes can run fast ETs after having sat on the startline with a green light for ages. For example, the Fireforce jetcar can sit on the line for 3 seconds after getting the green light, and still run a sub-six-second pass! Well, the answer is not that it did the ¼ mile in 3 seconds, but the timing system doesn't start counting until the staging sensors have been cleared. This allows the casual Run What Ya Brung'er to get themselves fully prepared on the line without having to worry about reaction times distorting their vehicle's performance.

So, if you are not interested in reaction times, but are interested in performance, take your time on the startline to get the revs right before dropping the clutch. Panic-free performance! Remember, in a real race situation, your reaction time is added to your ET to find the winner, so reaction time becomes critical. If you are serious about racing, you will need loads of attempts at improving both your RT and ET, and then work on synchronising them to get some really storming runs in.


Different weather conditions can dramatically affect the performance of a high-powered machine. Cold conditions will make your tyres harder, and the track surface will also be harder and less grippy. There is less abrasive traction at Santa Pod than on a normal road, and racers rely on rubber-on-rubber grip which is greatly affected by temperature. If you are finding that you are suffering from wheelspin, you are wasting precious power and actually making matters worse by adding little "marbles" of rolled-up rubber between your tyres and the track surface. If you are able to adjust turbo/nitrous boost, you may find it advantageous to turn down the power in these conditions.

On the other hand, really hot weather can cause lower-powered vehicles to "bog-down" as the tyres suddenly grip at the start. This will make your engine revs drop right down into a zone with less power and torque. This can be avoided by carefully releasing the clutch and making a deliberate attempt to bring the revs up in a controlled manner. You will know when you have got it right, because the vehicle will propel you forward in a linear manner with no jerking or "chattering".

A simple way to adjust the "gearing" of your vehicle is to change the wheels! Smaller wheels will give the effect of lower gearing, and larger wheels will give the effect of taller gearing. Don't be afraid to muck about with wheel and suspension settings to achieve the ideal stance. Front-wheel drive cars benefit from having the back end jacked-up and the front dropped, and rear-wheel drive cars benefit from having the rear-end dropped and the front end raised slightly.

Huge benefits can be gained from using the right tyre and wheel combinations. Low profile tyres and huge rims might look pretty, but rarely do they provide a performance enhancement on the drag strip. Try fat low pressure tyres and small wheels on the driven hubs, and skinny lightweight wheels on the coasting wheels. It may look weird, but this even works on FWD & 4WD cars.

On motorcycles, a less aggressive steering head angle will provide increased stability and reduce the tendency to wheelie. Some bikes will allow you to raise or lower the forks through the yokes, and this is the easiest way to make this adjustment. A longer swing-arm will achieve similar improvements.

Ladies First

Some racers will never be the first to stage. There isn't really any good reason for this, other than it messes with your opponents head! The theory is that if you are the last person to get staged, you can see your opponents positioning on the start line, and you can approach the line in your own time. In practice however, all it does make your opponent impatient and more likely to make a mistake!

All timing slips from runs at Santa Pod Raceway can be viewed at

Take A Friend On The Quarter Mile!

Santa Pod turned the track day market on its head, by being the first venue in the UK to allow guests to drive under fully timed race conditions – with a passenger!

Any enthusiast enjoying a day’s full-tilt driving can take a passenger alongside them, for only a £10 sign-on fee!

Passengers will need to sign on in the same manner as drivers and once presented with their wristband they are free to ride shotgun with anybody on the start line that would like them onboard. Any road legal car is eligible but understandably bikers and anyone running faster than 130mph will have to travel solo!

This new dimension to RWYB allows newcomers to the sport to discover the thrill of the quarter mile, makes for a more enjoyable day for groups of friends attending and also allows tuners or commercial organisations to come along and showcase their wares to prospective customers.

Although each run is limited to one passenger per car, there is no limit to the amount of guests accompanying each car, so if you’re looking to sell, to impress, to entertain – or even for a first date with a difference, why not try RWYB for two?

Passengers must be over 17 years of age (photo ID required).

Passenger Tickets

Passenger tickets are only available on the day of the event at

Passengers Rules & Regulations

  • Passengers must be 17 years of age and over (photo ID required).
  • A maximum of one passenger at a time in the front seat only.
  • Passenger rides are only permitted to vehicles travelling less than 130mph at the finish line.
  • Any Safety rules and regulations enforced on the driver are also enforced on the passenger.
  • Any safety equipment must be fit for purpose and of an equal level to the driver.
  • Keep all body parts (hands, arms, legs, long hair, etc.) within the passenger seat at all times.
  • Keep your seatbelt on until the car comes to a full and complete stop and you are told that it is safe to get out.
  • If the car stops for any reason, stay seated and await guidance from the driver or marshals. If for any reason you have to leave the car in an emergency look out for the other race vehicle and support vehicles that maybe approaching.
  • Anyone participating must be of a suitable stature to ensure that all of the safety systems work effectively, this includes safety equipment, seat size and seat belts.

Dates, Prices & Events

The track is open for RWYB at standard RWYB days, Saturday Night Specials were the track is open late, Performance RWYBs where places are limited and you must be on race tyres, and Events where the track may only be open to certain vehicles.

View details of all events at Santa Pod Raceway on the Calendar pages.

Date Event Track Open To
Sun 27 February 2022 RWYB All Cars & Bikes
Sun 5 March 2022 Dial-In Day All Cars slower than 12 sec & Bikes slower than 9 sec
Sat 12 March 2022 RWYB All Cars & Bikes
Sun 13 March 2022 Straightliners Bikes Only
Sat 19 March 2022 RWYB All Cars & Bikes
Sun 20 March 2022 Mimms Honda Day Hondas Only
Sat 26 March 2022 RWYB All Cars & Bikes
Sun 27 March 2022 Le French Fest French Vehicles Only
Sat 2 April 2022 Saturday Night Special All Cars & Bikes
Sun 3 April 2022 The Fast Show All Cars & Bikes
Sat 9 April 2022 RWYB All Cars & Bikes
Sun 10 April 2022 GTI Festival VAG Cars Only
Thu 14 April 2022 Festival of Power Test Day Festival of Power Racers Only
Sat 23 May 2022 Best of British British Vehicles Only
Sun 24 April 2022 RWYB All Cars & Bikes
Fri 29 April 2022 Springspeed Nationals Test Day Springspeed Nationals Racers Only
Sat 7 May 2022 RWYB All Cars & Bikes
Sun 8 May 2022 Vauxhall Show Vauxhalls Only
Sat 14 May 2022 Saturday Night Special All Cars & Bikes
Sun 15 May 2022 JapShow Japanese Car & Bikes Only
Wed 25 May 2022 Main Event Test Day Main Event Racers Only
3 - 5 June 2022 Nostalgia Nationals Pre 1973 Vehicles Only, no rear engined dragsters or bikes
Mon 6 June 2022 Performance RWYB (CANCELLED) All Cars & Bikes
Sat 11 June 2022 Saturday Night Special All Cars & Bikes
Sun 12 June 2022 BMW Show BMW Cars & Bikes Only
Sat 18 June 2022 RWYB All Cars & Bikes
Sun 19 June 2022 Retro Show Retro Cars & Bikes and Kit Cars Only
Sat 25 June 2022 RWYB All Cars & Bikes
Sun 26 June 2022 Fast Show Reloaded All Cars & Bikes
Fri 1 July 2022 Summer Nats Test Day Summer Nats Racers Only
Mon 4 July 2022 Performance RWYB Cars & Bikes - Race Tyres Only
Fri 8 July 2022 Dragstalgia Pre 1980 Cars & Bikes Only
Sat 16 July 2022 RWYB All Cars & Bikes
Sun 17 July 2022 The Ford Show Fords Only
22 - 23 July 2022 Bug Jam VAG Only
29 - 31 July 2022 Mopar Nationals American Cars Only
5 - 7 August 2022 Ultimate Street Car Cars Only
Sat 13 August 2022 RWYB All Cars & Bikes
Sun 14 August 2022 Das Auto Show German Cars & Bikes Only
Fri 19 August 2022 Greenlight Test Day Greenlight Racers Only
2 - 4 September 2022 VW Action VWs & Euro Finals Racers Only
Wed 7th September 2022 Euro Finals Test Day Euro Finals Racers Only
16 - 18 September 2022 Hot Rod Drags Pre 1973 Vehicles Only, no rear engined dragsters or bikes
Mon 19 September 2022 Performance RWYB Cars & Bikes - Race Tyres Only
Fri 23 September 2022 National Finals Test Day National Finals Racers Only
Sat 1 October 2022 RWYB All Cars & Bikes
Sun 2 October 2022 GTI Festival VAG Cars Only
Sat 8 October 2022 RWYB All Cars & Bikes
Sun 9 October 2022 JapShow Finale Japanese Car & Bikes Only
Sat 15 October 2022 RWYB All Cars & Bikes
Sun 16 October 2022 Straightliners Bikes Only
Sat 22 October 2022 Saturday Night Special All Cars & Bikes
Sun 23 October 2022 RWYB All Cars & Bikes
Sun 30 October 2022 RWYB All Cars & Bikes

The organiser reserves the right to alter the calendar without further notice. Additional events may be added. RWYB dates may be upgraded or replaced by alternative events.

Prices and gate opening times vary for specialist events. Some events restrict the types of vehicles that may run. You are welcome to spectate at all events whatever you drive/ride. Please visit the dedicated websites for full event info and ticket prices, links are on the Dates page.

Please note that RWYB spaces are sold on a first come first served basis as we can only service a certain amount of customers on each day.

Buy Tickets Online (All Tickets Pre-Booking Only!) or phone Box Office on 01234 782828

To book tickets for events not run by Santa Pod Raceway please visit the relevant event website.

Kids 5 to 15 £5, under 5's Free

Normal RWYB Pre-Booked
Early Standard
Entrance Fee (per person) £15 £15
Signing On Fee (per person) £45 £45
Performance RWYB
Day Entrance Fee (per person) £20 £20
Signing On Fee (per person) £75 £75
Test Day
Day Entrance Fee (per person) N/A N/A
Signing On Fee (per person) £75 £75
Saturday Night Special Early Standard
Day Entrance Fee (per person) £20 £20
Weekend Entrance Fee (per person) 2 / 3 April 2022 (The Fast Show on Sunday) £44
Weekend Entrance Fee (per person) 14 / 15 May 2022 (JapShow on Sunday) £38
Weekend Entrance Fee (per person) 11 / 12 June 2022 (BMW Show on Sunday) £38
Weekend Entrance Fee (per person) 22 / 23 Oct 2022 (RWYB on Sunday) £35
Saturday Sign-on 9.30am-8pm (per person) £50 £50
Saturday Sign-on 9.30am-4.30pm (per person) £40 £40
Saturday Sign-on 5pm-8pm (per person) £20 £20
Passenger Rides
Any RWYB (per person) N/A £10

  • All tickets and sign-on procedures are Pre-Booking Only – No tickets will be available on the gate.
  • Postage option for tickets ends ONE week before the event starts. After this time only "print at home tickets" will be available.
  • Kids Tickets (5-15) are £5 for Day and Weekend tickets. All kids pay full price for Grandstand tickets.
  • All ticket orders are subject to a booking fee of £2 per ticket and postage fee of £3 per order (£6 recorded, no postage fee on "print at home tickets").
  • All tickets are non-refundable. All tickets are subject to availability and sold on a first come first served basis.
  • The option of Ticket Insurance via TicketPlan is available when you purchase your tickets.
  • Ticket prices are per person.
  • Kids tickets - Photo ID is required if kids look older than they are. Kids under 5 are free.
  • Day admission is 8am till racing finishes.
  • Camping is included within multi-day admission tickets. Camping is not included when purchasing two or more separate single day tickets (e.g. a Saturday single day ticket and Sunday single day ticket combined does not include camping on Saturday night).
  • Any ticket upgrades made on the day will be charged the difference to full gate price.
  • Parking is free.
  • Certain activities including Drag Racing are subject to weather and track conditions.
  • No Glass! No Pets! No Fireworks! No Chinese Lanterns! No Drones! view full Essential Info.
  • Please see Essential Info page for Adverse Weather Ticket Policy and other Terms and Conditions.
  • Santa Pod Raceway offer various promotions and group discounts for 10 or more adult admission tickets to selected events. Details here.
  • When you arrive and leave site, please keep your speed down, don't litter and respect local residents.

Experience the thrill of evening/night racing at Santa Pod Raceway. The sights and sounds of the raceway are intensified by the night air. All types of vehicles, from hot rods to hot hatches, dragsters to bikes are invited to use the track for day and night racing.

All clubs are are very welcome to come along, details in the Clubs section.

The track is open from 9.30am-8pm (weather and track conditions permitting). Gates open at 8am.

Saturday Night Special Dates

Saturday 2nd April 2022 (The Fast Show on Sunday)

Saturday 14th May 2022 (JapShow on Sunday)

Saturday 11th June 2022 (BMW Show on Sunday)

Saturday 22nd Oct 2022 (RWYB on Sunday)

Performance RWYB Days

Performance RWYB Days provide a cost-effective way of testing with lots of track time and pit-space, with a full track preparation to race standard. Places are restricted to a maximum of 100 and are available on a first-come/first-served basis. These events are open to both cars and bikes. Only race tyres are allowed on track not street tyres.

For only £75 Sign-on! Don't miss this great opportunity to get exclusive track time and bypass the busy RWYB's. Book in advance to guarantee your place!

Performance RWYB Day Dates

Monday 6 June 2022 (CANCELLED) (After Nostalgia Nationals)

Monday 4 July 2022 (CANCELLED) (After Summer Nationals)

Monday 19 September 2021 (After Hot Rod Drags)

Test Days

Test Days are the same as Performance RWYB Days but are only open to racers entered into the following race event.

Test Day Dates

Festival Of Power Test Day - Thursday 14 April 2022 (SOLD OUT)

Springspeed Nationals Test Day - Friday 29 April 2022

Main Event Test Day - Wednesday 25 May 2022

Summer Nationals Test Day - Friday 1 July 2022

Greenlight Nationals Test Day - Friday 19 August 2022

European Finals Test Day - Wednesday 7 September 2022

National Finals Test Day - Friday 23 September 2022

The organiser reserves the right to alter the calendar without further notice. Additional events may be added. RWYB dates may be upgraded or replaced by alternative events.

If a meeting is severely affected by adverse weather a value will be assigned, so please hold onto your tickets as you can use them to get money off a future Santa Pod event up to and including the same event next year. Full details on the Adverse Weather Ticket Policy page.



RWYB Challenges are back with an all-new format for 2022 and are the ultimate way to add a competitive edge to your RWYB day. The competitions are open to anyone in one of two classes:

  • Cars – All cars, both road legal and non-road legal. NO Dragsters, Altereds, Funny Cars or Go-karts
  • Bikes - Anything on two wheels

The concept is simple; show up at the track and go as quick as you can on the day! There will be plenty of weekly prizes on offer throughout the year for the quickest cars and bikes, as well as quickest reaction times at each event for eligible competitors. Weekly leaderboards will be published online showing the quickest cars and bikes in each class. At the end of the season, there’ll be overall prizes for the quickest cars and bikes.

Event Dates

The RWYB Challenges will run at 8 events in 2022, with dates as follows:

  • RWYB March 12th
    Cars - Best RT: Jacob Prosser - 0.3467s
    Cars - Best ET: Dean Salisbury - 12.4296s, 108.99mph
    Bikes - Best RT: Gordon Allan - 0.0627
    Bikes - Best ET: Stephen Venning - 9.6693s, 144.85mph
  • RWYB March 26th
  • Cars - Best RT: Rod Atkinson - 0.1341s
    Cars - Best ET: Rod Atkinson - 10.8193s, 129.83mph
    Bikes - Best RT: David Mackintosh - 0.0006
    Bikes - Best ET: Stephen Venning - 9.1117s, 153.16mph
  • RWYB April 24th
  • Cars - Best RT: Victor Fisher - 0.1775s
    Cars - Best ET: Mark Bartlett - 10.3835s, 129.88mph
    Bikes - Best RT: Stephen Venning - 0.1916
    Bikes - Best ET: Stephen Venning - 9.1498s, 151.57mph
  • RWYB May 7th
  • Cars - Best RT: Clive Hall - 0.1965s
    Cars - Best ET: Iain Shurey - 10.6582s, 118.99mph
    Bikes - Best RT: Neil Gillet - 0.0895
    Bikes - Best ET: Stephen Venning - 9.1436s, 149.07mph
  • RWYB June 25th
  • Cars - Best RT: Jake Smith - 0.0804s
    Cars - Best ET: Daniel O'Neill - 10.0745s, 145.77mph
    Bikes - Best RT: Richard Albans - 0.1113
    Bikes - Best ET: Stephen Venning - 9.7124s, 142.93mph
  • RWYB August 13th
  • RWYB October 1st
  • RWYB October 15th


  • Quickest ET (Elapsed Time) from each eligible event in each class wins a complimentary race voucher and sign on for future RWYB or Saturday Night Special events within the next 12 months (Does not include admission ticket)
  • Quickest Reaction Time from each eligible event in each class wins an Autoglym Prize Pack
  • Top ET of the season in each class wins a bumper Autoglym Prize Pack + an invitation to race at Santa Pod’s season finale, Flame & Thunder
  • More prizes to be announced!

How to Enter
Entry into the RWYB Challenges are completely free. All you need to do is simply select the checkbox for entering the challenge when purchasing your race voucher and complete the online sign-on form. Previous RWYB Challenge competitors can choose to either keep their CC number or run under their numberplate, while new competitors will run under their numberplate. Entries to the challenge will close at 5pm the Friday before each event. Entries are available through our ticket portal at

There is a RWYB Facebook Group giving you a great place to talk about car set-up, personal bests, meet-ups and the RWYB Challenge competition. Head on over to the Facebook Group and say hello.

If you are you looking for a venue to hold a club day, then look no further and combine your next meeting with one of our RWYB's.

The only cost to you will be the normal admission (5-15yr olds just £5), and Sign-on fee for unlimited runs on the track. After each run on the track your members will receive a personal performance print-out so you'll be able to organise your own internal RWYB league table!

Santa Pod Raceway opens at 8.00am with the track open from 9:30am - 5pm (Weather Permitting). Don’t forget your driving licence! Helmets required for bikes and open top cars.

If you would like to book your club in for a RWYB meeting then download and return the Club Booking Form. Tickets must be pre-booked.

Some frequently asked questions

Q. Do I need a race licence to run down the track?
A. No a race licence is not required, just a full driving licence.

Q. Am I allowed to take passengers down the track with me?
A. Yes, 1 passenger as long as your car is fully street legal and will not exceed 130mph.

Q. What time do I need to arrive to race?
A. You are best to arrive between 8.30 and 9.00am for sign on.

Q. Do I need arm restraints in an open top car?
A. If you are running with the roof off then arm restraints are required.

Q. Where do I get my timing slips from?
A. The Sign-On Office.

Q. My Licence is away at the DVLA/Police Station, can I bring a photocopy?
A. No, a photo driving licence needs to be shown when signing on.

Q. Do I need to wear a crash helmet?
A. If you will be travelling in excess of 110mph you will be asked to wear a British Standard approved helmet.

Q. Can I hire a crash helmet?
A. No, helmets are not available to hire but are available to purchase from the Pod Shop.

Q. How does my RWYB time compare to others?
A. If you would like to see how your time stands up then view the RWYB Challenge tables.

Customer Services
If these haven’t answered you question, call us on 01234 782828. Remember, we are here to help.

Box Office Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 8.30am – 5.30pm:  Sat/Sun 8am – 4pm (restricted during the off season)

In association with Serck Motorsport, Santa Pod Raceway offers a Nitrous Filling service at all its events.

The Nitrous Fill Station operates within Santa Pod’s “Garage” Shop located in the race paddock and our trained staff are ready and waiting to carry out your refills at just £10 per lb (inc vat).

The Nitrous filling service will be available at all events from RWYB track days to full blown race events and we can even offer a midweek service on request (contact or phone 01234 782828).

Don’t forget to check out the new Serck Motorsport product and parts display in the shop while your bottles are replenished. New bottles are also available to purchase.

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