Trading at Santa Pod Raceway

With over 30 adrenaline fuelled events and over 200,000 motor-sport fans attending over the 2024 season we would like to see you trading at our events.

From multi-day family friendly events such as Festival of Power & VW Breakout to European/ Championship Drag Racing rounds and festival favourites such as Bug Jam & Ultimate Streetcar, our events offer the perfect backdrop to sell or promote your products to a captive audience.

Bug Jam Trade
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Trade Areas

Trader Map

Trade Stand Prices

Trade Stands Frontage is in meters - Standard depth of 6m.

Admission Pass allocation is listed.

Please note: Prices do not include VAT

  3m 6m 9m 12m 15m
2 passes 3 passes 4 passes 5 passes passes
Dates Event Days Footfall 1vehicle* 1vehicle* 1vehicle* 1vehicle* 1vehicle*
30-31 Mar Easter Nationals 2 2k - 5k £75 £115 £150 £180 £210
14 Apr The Fast Show 1 5k - 10k £125 £190 £250 £300 £345
21 Apr GTI Spring Festival 1 2k - 5k TBC TBC TBC TBC TBC
26-28 Apr Festival of Power Rescheduled 3 15k -25k £135 £210 £285 £345 £400
4-6 May Nostalgia Nationals 3 2k - 5k £75 £115 £150 £180 £210
12 May Jap Show 1 5k - 10k £140 £210 £275 £340 £385
17-19 May VW Breakout 3 5k - 10k £125 £190 £250 £300 £345
17-19 May Doorslammers 3 5k - 10k £125 £190 £250 £300 £345
24-27 May The Main Event 4 25k - 35k £250 £375 £485 £600 £685
2 Jun Vauxhall Show 1 2k - 5k £75 £115 £150 £180 £210
8-9 Jun Sportsman Nationals 2 2k - 5k £75 £115 £150 £180 £210
9 Jun Retro Show 1 2k - 5k £75 £115 £150 £180 £210
15 Jun The Fast Show Reloaded 1 2k - 5k £75 £115 £150 £180 £210
23 Jun BMW Show 1 5k - 10k £140 £210 £275 £340 £385
29-30 Jun Summer Nationals 2 2k - 5k £75 £115 £150 £180 £210
5-7 Jul Dragstalgia 3 15k - 25k £200 £300 £390 £480 £550
19-21 Jul The Ford Show & Mustang Nationals 3 5k - 10k £140 £210 £275 £340 £385
26-28 Jul Bug Jam 3 20k - 30k £250 £375 £485 £600 £685
2-4 Aug USC 3 25k - 35k £275 £415 £540


9-11 Jul Mopar Euro Nats 3 2k - 5k £75 £115 £150 £180 £210
17-18 Aug Greenlight Nationals 2 2k - 5k £75 £115 £150 £180 £210
18 Aug Monster Truck Nationals 1 5k - 10k £125 £190 £250 £300 £345
30 Aug - 1 Sep VW Action 3 5k - 10k £125 £190 £250 £300 £345
5-8 Sep The European Finals 4 25k - 35k £250 £375 £485 £600 £685
13-15 Sep Hot Rod Drags 3 5k - 10k £125 £190 £250 £300 £345
20-22 Sep National Finals 3 2k - 5k £75 £115 £150 £180 £210
29 Sep Das GTI Show 1 2k - 5k £75 £115 £150 £180 £210
6 Oct Jap Show Finale 1 5k - 10k £140 £210 £275 £340 £385
26 Oct Flame & Thunder 1 10k - 15k £175 £265 £345 £420 £485
TBC Firework Frenzy 1 2k - 5k TBC        


Discounts are available for multiple event bookings:

8+ events 15% Discount
15+ events 25% Discount

Discounts will be applied after the end of each season.

Trader Terms & Conditions
1. Restrictions On Trade Sites – Trade stands are to be set up/operational and with all surplus vehicles removed by 9am on the first day of the event. The booking form states the trader build up times. Unless prior agreement has been made, you must not arrive and build up beforehand. You are not to begin to break down your stand until 4pm on the final event day. No vehicle movement is allowed within the trade areas between 8am and 5pm on an event day without prior agreement. Should the event day be affected by inclement weather the trader should remain open on their pitch until the event has been officially cancelled and in no way leave the venue prior to this. The trader shall not cause noise, disturbance or annoyance to any other trader or member of the public and under no circumstances may trade sites offer the following for sale or display;

2. Ticket Allocation – The allocation of trader passes is detailed on the Trader Prices page which exclude VAT. Extra passes can be purchased at a discounted rate at the time of booking subject to a maximum of three tickets per stand. Please ensure you collect a trade pitch plan at the main gate upon arrival. (NB: Any trader using a pass for any other reason than entry for trading will be asked to leave the site immediately.)

3. Vehicle Passes – Within each trader pitch, one vehicle pass will be allocated and issued with entrance tickets. If for any reason a trader requires extra vehicle passes these will be issued strictly at our discretion depending on the size of pitch and the required use of the vehicle. All approved vehicles must be parked within the trade stand pitch and all additional vehicles will be directed to one day parking. To gain more than one vehicle pass, this must be requested before the event. Complete Form Below.

4. Trade Stands – All trade stands at Santa Pod Raceway will be sited on a tarmac surface. No stakes are to be used only weights provided by yourself. Trade stand prices are for frontage quoted with a standard depth of 6 metres. No trade pitches will be allocated until all the relevant paperwork is completed. Specific trade pitches cannot be guaranteed.

5. Ticket Insurance - Santa Pod now offers all ticket buyers additional peace of mind that should they choose to protect their order with TicketPlan event ticket insurance. You can apply for a refund if the worst happens and you’re unable to attend the event due to unforeseen circumstances.

Your booking is non-refundable* and TicketPlan will protect you if you are unable to attend the event due to specified unforeseen circumstances including, but not limited to:

** Please be aware that a lateral flow test or PCR test is not evidence of illness that would prevent you from attending an event.

The insurance does not cover transaction fees that apply to the whole order, delivery charges or donations.

*Your statutory consumer rights are unaffected. Full details of this insurance cover feature in the TicketPlan Terms and Conditions and insurance product information document which we advise you to read and retain. By adding TicketPlan to your order you confirm agreement with these documents.

6. Trading Legislation – The applying of companies’ names and trademarks on goods or supplying goods without authorisation or consent is an offence under the Trade Description Act 1968. Traders must comply with all trading legislation. Santa Pod Raceway will not be held responsible if any trader is found to be in breach of the above.

7. Sub-Letting – The sub-letting of all or part of a stand by an Exhibitor is expressly forbidden unless authorised by the Event’s Organisers in writing before the event.

8. Balloons – Under no circumstances can these be sold or given away free of charge from any sales sites as these can endanger activity on the track.

9. Animals – No animals are admitted into the venue unless they are official assistance dogs where certain conditions must be adhered to. Animals Info

10. Glass/Litter – No glass permitted on site. At the end of each event all traders must completely clear their trade pitches of any rubbish including any sharp objects which could cause damage to other vehicles. You will receive a £50 penalty for any rubbish left in your trade pitch.

11. Noise – This must be kept to a minimal and not annoy your trading neighbours. All music must cease at 11pm.

12. Electricity – All traders who supply their own electrical generators whilst on site must ensure it is kept in a secure area away from the general public.

13A. Insurance* – Exhibitors are required to take out the necessary insurance against fire and all other risks including third-party claims. The Exhibitor must also indemnify the Event Organisers against all claims, damages or expense whatsoever in any way arising out of their attendance or exhibits at the raceway. The completed booking form for a trade stand shall be deemed as confirmation by the Exhibitor that the necessary insurance cover has been obtained and the Exhibitor agrees to indemnify the Event Organisers and their staff against all and any claims which may arise. Santa Pod Raceway is not responsible for any damage, theft or loss under any circumstance to any property/goods belonging to an Exhibitor. Please supply a copy of such insurances to

13B. Risk Assessments* – Exhibitors must complete a suitable risk assessment for their stand and ensure it is in their possession at the event should our Health & Safety Officers carry out an inspection. A standard Health & Safety Executive precedent is available on the Exhibitor page of if required. A copy of your risk assessment needs to be forwarded to

*Failure to provide documents on request will mean that your booking will be declined.

13C. Fire Safety – Exhibitors must familiarise themselves with fire safety precautions and are required to provide their own 9kg powder fire extinguisher. The Event Organisers reserve the right of inspection by the Fire Safety Officer of all stands and equipment and further to order the use of such equipment or appliances to be discontinued should they contravene fire and safety regulations.

14A. Cancellation By Santa Pod – Where an Event is cancelled in its entirety before the event start date, we will use our reasonable endeavours to notify you using the details you provided us at the time of ordering.

Customers will be offered a credit value equivalent to the value of the Trade pitch purchased. The credit may be redeemed to be used at a future event. Customers will be informed if any event exclusions apply. This credit will be valid for a period of 12 months.

Where an Event is rescheduled, the Trade pitch purchased will automatically be valid for the rescheduled date unless a credit value is offered instead. For further details please visit Essential Info
These terms do not and shall not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

14B. Cancellation By Trader – In the event that the Trader/Exhibitor cancels their attendance to an event than the following charges will apply:

15. Security – Although both day and night security will be provided by the Event Organisers during the event, trade stand holders are responsible for the safe-keeping of all goods/items on their stands. The Event Organisers will not be responsible in any way for the loss or damage to exhibitor’s property or vehicles whilst at the raceway.

16. Admission – Santa Pod Raceway reserve the right to refuse a trader without prior notice or giving reason for doing so.

17. Smoke Free Policy – Since 1st July 2007 smoking will be prohibited in virtually all enclosed public places and this includes tents, marquees and some other shelters. Traders must ensure that their premises comply with this law.

18. Drug Free Policy - Santa Pod Raceway does not condone the use of illegal substances. If any traders are seen to be partaking in any form of drugs they will be asked to leave site immediately. Santa Pod Raceway reserves the right to carry out random searches of any trade stall if they are suspected of any drug use. If a trader refuses any search request, Santa Pod Raceway will ask the trader to leave the venue.

19. No Offensive Symbols - The public display or sale of hate symbols such as those related to Nazi ideology is banned and will not be tolerated at Santa Pod Raceway. This includes stickers on cars, patches / badges on clothing and flying of flags featuring symbols likely to cause offense or distress including swastikas, confederate flags and KKK symbols. Hate has no place at Santa Pod Raceway and our diverse clientele should not have to interface with symbols of hate whilst visiting our venue. Santa Pod Raceway reserves the right to refuse entry or remove from site anyone who fails to abide by these rules or follow the instructions of security if asked to remove offensive material.

20. Unlicensed Vehicles - All mini motors, quads and any other unlicensed vehicles/bikes are banned from use on site and any trader found to be taking part/encouraging in such use will be removed from the venue without refund of any trade fees paid.

Book a Stand / Enquiries
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You can book stand space at any Santa Pod Even at

If you have any questions or queries please email

Catering & Vape Opportunities at Santa Pod Raceway

Catering and Vape tenders are renewed every October/November prior to the next Season. If you would like to apply for a Catering or Vape tender, please email:

We cannot accept bookings for catering or vape stands for the 2024 season

Risk Assessment & Public Liability Insurance

No trade stand booking or catering stands will be accepted unless a risk assessment and copies of public liability insurance documents are submitted on booking.

Information on a standard Health & Safety Executive is available below together with a Trade Risk Assessment for your completion.

Health & Safety Executive precedent

Santa Pod Raceway Risk Assessment Form

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