Sports Compact Shootouts

Sports Compact Shootouts give those with “Compact” engine combinations an opportunity to race heads up at a limited number of events.

The shootouts welcome FWD, RWD and 4WD cars with 4, 5 or 6 cylinder engines and rotaries.

Entries will receive 2 weekend admission tickets to the event (Driver+1). If you require any additional tickets, they will need to be purchased separately.

The event organisers reserve the right to exclude any entry from the shootout if they deem necessary. For example, in the case of a car or driver being deemed unsafe or in breach of their class rules. The organisers decision is final and no disputes will be entered in to.

All entries are on a first come, first served basis. Entries are limited to 20 cars (32 cars at JapShow Finale).

All entries must be proven to have run quicker than 12 seconds to be eligible for a shootout. (Time limit removed 1 month before event if event not sold out)

Gates open at 8am Saturday for ALL competitors (Thursday for USC).

RWD and 4WD cars will have a 0.8 second handicap on the tree against FWD cars. The 0.8 second handicap for RWD and 4WD cars over FWD cars will currently not apply for 2023. The Race Director/Promoter reserves the sole right to reinstate the handicap at any time if/when deemed necessary.

2023 Shootout Events
The Fast Show

The Fast Show

Sunday 26th March 2023 |
Entry Fee £110 | Prize Fund £750 winner, £250 Runner Up plus trophies

Fast Show Reloaded

The Fast Show Reloaded

Sunday 25th June 2023 | Event Details
Entry Fee £110 | Prize Fund £750 winner, £250 Runner Up plus trophies


Ultimate Street Car

4th to 6th August 2023 |
Entry Fee £220 | Prize Fund £1500 winner, £500 Runner Up plus trophies

JapShow Finale

JapShow Finale

7th & 8th October 2023 |
Entry Fee £130 | Prize Fund £1,000 winner, £500 Runner Up plus trophies

2023 Rules

Shootout Rules

Car Rules

How to Enter
Enter Shootouts!

Entries for all events available at Entry deadline is 5pm the Friday a week before the event.

2023 Entry Lists

These are the current Sports Compact Entry Lists, drivers can/could enter up to the Event Entry Deadline. Click photos for more racer info.

The Fast Show 2023 ({{}})
The Fast Show Reloaded 2023 ({{}})
Ultimate Street Car 2023 ({{}})
JapShow Finale 2023 ({{}})


The Fast Show: Rained Off

The Fast Show Reloaded: Winner: Dustin Karelse, Runner-up: Joey Franse

Ultimate Street Car: Winner: Luke White, Runner-up: Ian Pepper

JapShow Finale: Winner: Ahmed Jamshaid, Runner-up: Scott Linacre


The Fast Show: Winner: Matt Davison, Runner-up: Peter Bailey

The Fast Show Reloaded: Winner: Ahmed Jamshaid, Runner-up: Matt Davison

Ultimate Street Car: Winner: Ian Pepper, Runner-up: Craig Evans

JapShow Finale: Winner: Calvin Skerritt , Runner-up: Jorel Wells

Timing Data

View full qualifying lists and elimination ladders at

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