Santa Pod Raceway Events Calendar - Cloud

Add the Santa Pod Raceway calendar of events to your phone or computer via Android / Google or iPhone (iCloud).

iPhone: If you have an iPhone or iPad then subscribe to the Santa Pod Raceway Calender on iCloud here.

Google / Android: If you have an Google account on computer or Android phone then click the button at the bottom right of this calendar to add all upcoming Santa Pod Raceway event dates to your calendar or click the individual events.

To book tickets for any Santa Pod organised event please buy your tickets online at or phone 01234 782828. For more info on events held at Santa Pod Raceway please visit the relevant event page / website which can be found on the main Calendar page.

The organiser reserves the right to alter this calendar without further notice. Additional events may be added. RWYB dates may be upgraded or replaced by alternative events.

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