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The Doorslammers

Fri 20th to Sun 22nd May 2022

Big Money, Street Style Race!

Doorslammers which ran in the 1970’s and 1980’s is back at Santa Pod in a bigger and better format, along with a huge prize fund. The Doorslammers has five heads-up classes along with one huge Bracket class. The prize money up for grabs will be £90k!

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The Classes
Pro Doorslammers
Pro Doorslammer

Entry Fee £500 - Prize Pot £20k, Winner £10k

  • Heads Up Racing on a Pro Tree
  • No limitations, Safety rules only
Pro Street
Pro Street

Entry Fee £250- Prize Pot £10k, Winner £5k

  • Heads Up Racing on a Pro Tree
  • MOT and taxed cars only
  • Chassis mods allowed
  • No Wheelie bars
  • Subject to MOT checks and tech inspections with tech cards
  • Open Headers permitted
True Street
True Street

Entry Fee £250- Prize Pot £10k, Winner £5k

  • Heads Up Racing on a Pro Tree
  • MOT and taxed cars only
  • No Wheelie bars
  • No chassis mods allowed (Must retain original floor pan, firewall and chassis)
  • Subject to MOT checks and tech inspections with tech cards
  • Full Exhaust System Required
  • Any E marked tyre permitted plus: Hoosier Quick Time (Full Tread Pattern), Mickey Thompson - Sportsman / Sportsman Pro / ET Street Radial / ET Street Radial S/S, BFGoodrich g-Force T/A Drag Radial, M&H - Drag Radial / Muscle Car DOT Drag Tyre. (Mickey Thompson ET Street R are NOT PERMITTED)
  • All tyres must maintain a tread depth of at least 1.6mm across 75% of the tyre at all times.
Front Wheel Drive
Front Wheel Drive

Entry Fee £250 - Prize Pot £10k, Winner £5k

  • Heads Up Racing on a Pro Tree
  • Front Wheel Drive cars only
4 Cylinder
4 Cylinder

Entry Fee £250 - Prize Pot £10k, Winner £5k

  • Heads Up Racing on a Pro Tree
  • Up to Four cylinder
  • Rotary cars NOT permitted
  • Road Legal Electric cars permitted
6 Cylinder
6 Cylinder

Entry Fee £250 - Prize Pot £10k, Winner £5k

  • Heads Up Racing on a Pro Tree
  • Five & Six cylinder
  • Rotary cars permitted
  • Non-Road Legal Electric cars permitted
Big Bracket
Big Bracket

Entry Fee £200 per day - Prize Pot £10k Per Day, Winners £5k

  • Each bracket race will take place over a single day
  • 6.99 to 11.99 dial in only
  • One Practice run and NO qualifying
  • Random pairings
  • All electronics allowed
  • Random first bulb Sportsman Tree
  • First round “buy back” £50 (If time allows. Payment must be made at Sign-on before buy back race)
  • Buy back racers vs buy back racer before entering second round eliminations
  • The Big Bracket class will be scheduled/time tabled runs only over both days
  • All run field


The organiser deems the right to add to or alter these rules prior to the event.

General Rules

  • Drivers must present their full valid recognised road driving licence or Motorsport UK/FIA licence in the Sign On Office before running on the track.
  • The Race Director/Promoter retains the right to refuse track access to any vehicle they deem to be unsuitable, entry will not be refunded.
  • Open Qualifying; Unlimited qualifying runs available for all heads-up classes on Saturday. Run at any time.
  • Qualified cars in each heads-up class will advance to Sundays’ eliminations. All pairings and lanes will be drawn at random for each elimination round.
  • All normal Motorsport UK/FIA general racing rules will apply such as blue line, first or worst, red lights, boundary infringements and staging rules etc.
  • 30 seconds starting rule from staging lanes applies. The Starters decision is final.
  • The race director’s decision is final and cannot be appealed.
  • All prize fund pay-outs are subject to a minimum 16 entries or on a downward sliding scale thereafter. Please see prize fund chart for details.
  • Classes must have a minimum entry field to activate the full prize fund structure.
  • In heads up classes 3 to 4 qualifiers will compete in 4 car eliminations, 5 to 12 in 8 car eliminations, 13 + cars in 16 car eliminations, 32 or 64 car eliminations will be run at the promoters discretion.
  • The big bracket class is an all run field.

Car Rules

  • The Doorslammers event is reserved for full bodied left or right-hand drive cars.
  • Seat belts are mandatory.
  • Arm restraints are mandatory for all open top and windowless vehicles.
  • A safety helmet that is fit for purpose and a suitable fire suit are compulsory for ALL competitors.
  • The driver must declare that their vehicle is safe and complies with the necessary rules and regulations.
  •  All vehicles taking part must be fit for purpose.
  • Roll cages are strongly recommended for all vehicles running quicker than 12 seconds over a quarter mile.
  • An SFI spec neck brace is recommended for ALL competitors using a helmet and compulsory for anyone travelling 130mph and faster.
  • It is recommended that there is a secondary braking system for all vehicles travelling faster than 150mph, this can be a parachute or mechanical braking system in addition to a hydraulic system.
  • A 5-point harness is strongly advised for vehicles capable of 145mph+.
  • A HANS device is strongly advised for vehicles travelling 170mph and faster.
  • It is highly recommended that all fuel systems and tanks are separated from the driver. There should be at least a bulkhead between the driver and the fuel lines and tank.
  • Please note that if you and your vehicle have taken part in MSA/FIA competition, the safety rules and equipment required at the Doorslammers is the same as any MSA/FIA race event.
  • All cars must have slammable doors!
  • No Jets.
Please email if you have any questions or enquiries regarding Doorslammers rules.
Entry Fees & Prize Funds

Entry Fees

Class Entry Fee Ticket Allocation Prize Fund
Pro Doorslammer £500 10 £20k
Pro Street £250 4 £10k
True Street £250 4 £10k
Front Wheel Drive £250 4 £10k
4 Cylinder £250 4 £10k
6 Cylinder £250 4 £10k
Big Bracket £200 per day 4 for single day, 6 for weekend* £10k per day

Entry Fee includes 16amp single phase power (3 phase power on request extra £TBC). *2 x single day entries will only get 6 tickets”.

Prize Funds

Class Winner Runner up Losing
Semi finalists x 2
Quarter finalists x 4
Entries Needed
Pro Doorslammer £10k £4k £2k £500 16
Pro Street £5k £2k £1k £250 16
True Street £5k £2k £1k £250 16
Front Wheel Drive £5k £2k £1k £250 32
4 Cylinder £5k £2k £1k £250 32
6 Cylinder £5k £2k £1k £250 16
Big Bracket (per day) £5k £2k £1k £250 25

NOTE: Full Prize money only paid out if expected class sizes are achieved.

Race Entries

Race Entries available soon.

The Doorslammers Tickets

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No tickets will be available on the gate, Pre-Booking Only

Ticket Type Winter Saver Early
Standard Gates Open
Adult Saturday £22.50 £25 £33 Sat 8am
Adult Sunday £22.50 £25 £33 Sun 8am
Adult Weekend £55.80 £62 £76 Fri 12pm
Kids (5-15) £5 £5 £5 N/A
Kids (under 5) Free Free Free N/A
Grandstand (per day) Free Free Free N/A
Winter Saver Tickets end 31st January, Early Tickets end 13th May.

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