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Nostalgia Funny Car

In recent years there has been a resurgence in Funny Cars with classic body styles replicating the golden age of drag racing and the performance of these cars has complimented their appearance perfectly.

Long smoky burnouts, dry hops up to the start line followed by wild ¼ mile runs with times deep into the 6 second zone with the emphasis on putting on a show for the crowd. The time has come to establish a championship class for these nitro burning machines giving these Nostalgia enthusiasts somewhere to race in anger.


Nostalgia Funny Car Supplementary Regs 2020
Nostalgia Funny Car Rule Book 2020

2022 Championship Rounds:

Racers are also invited to, and encouraged to take part in Dragstalgia under the usual “Cannonball” format on the 8th-10th July and the Green Light Pro Class at the Green Light Nationals on the 20th - 21st August, a heads up class for any vehicles.

2022 Points:

Racer R1 R2 R3 R4 B Total
Tony Betts 76         76
Tim Garlick 38         38
Jayne Kay 37         37
Paul Harris 0         0
The Teams

Tim Garlick

Tim Garlick - Apache
Pontiac Firebird
Engine Size: 426ci
PB: 5.96 @ 236mph

Tim Garlick and the Apache Firebird debuted at Dragstalgia 2013 and were instantly shot for the cover of Custom Car over the same weekend. After some rigorous testing, Tim and team became the force to be reckoned with before taking some time away from the track in 2018. We look forward to their return when they’ll have some serious competition.

Tony Betts

Tony Betts - Venom
Chevrolet Camaro
Engine Size: 500ci
PB: 6.01 at 245.04mph

Tony and team have made great progress in the NFC in the short time they’ve been running it having already been tantilisingly close to acquiring a 5 second timing ticket with a 6.01 pass at the 2018 Main Event. Tony already has to be considered as one of the front runners in the class and we’re sure it won’t be long until he gets himself that magic 5 second pass.

Rob Elsom

Jayne Kay - Dirty Deeds
1969 Camaro
Engine Size: 500ci

Experienced racer, Jayne Kay, will be taking the hot seat in the ‘Dirty Deeds’ NFC for the 2022 season, owned and tuned by Rob Elsom. Jayne started her driving career in junior dragster before moving on to Super Pro ET in a methanol funny car, followed by a blown alky altered and most recently ET bike.

Paul Harris

Paul Harris - Chi-Town Hustler
Dodge Omni
Engine Size: 500ci
PB: 6.78 @ 212mph

Paul Harris purchased the complete Chi-Town Hustler Dodge Omni from the States in 2018. Paul gained his racing license in 2019 but has had limited runs over the 2020/2021 seasons. We look forward to seeing Chi Town Hustler back on track in 2022!

Wendy Baker

Wendy Baker - TimeWarp
Ford Mustang
Engine Size: 500ci
PB: 6.73 @ 215mph

After a break to put a new car together, Dragstalgia 2019 saw Wendy Baker return to the track with her freshly built Mustang NFC. With the older, original car, Wendy was a regular 6 second runner so we can’t wait to see her get up and running with the new car!

In Development

Simon Hayward

Simon Hayward
Plymouth Duster

Back in 1973 Santa Pod bought the Paula Murphy Plymouth Duster funny car. This was soon to be renamed Houndog 7 under the Nobby Hills banner and driven successfully by the legendary Owen Hayward. This new team under owner/driver Simon Hayward (Owen’s son) are building an all new “duster” funny car to re-create the look feel and excitement of this historic race car.

Martin Maxwell

Martin Maxwell
Chevrolet Vega

Having been in development for the last few years at Comanche Race Cars, Martin Maxwell makes his return to drag racing in ‘Color ‘O’ Money’! We can’t wait to see this stunning ’72 Chevrolet Vega join the NFC ranks and make its first runs down the famous ΒΌ mile!

Jon Best

Jon Best - Lotsabeera & Best

Jon Best is known for his previous fame in the NFAA with the green Felstead, Best and Lotsabeera altered which ran in the six second zone on a few occasions back in 2009 and 2010. The car can now be seen running in the Supercharged Outlaws with John Reeve behind the wheel. After quite a break Jon has now turned his attention to the Nostalgia Funny Car series and is progressing with building his Corvette bodied Funny Car.

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